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I'm all about Real Estate at the Maryland/Delaware Shore. Primary or Second Homes, Investment Properties, Building Lots, and Business Opportunities. Tons of Leads for Lenders, Title Companies, Builders, and Services of All Kinds.
  Some things you should know if you HAVE TO SELL.....   If you have to sell your home for one reason or another but you owe more on it than it is actually worth you may have heard that you can do a Short Sale, and when that's behind you all will be well.   This is not as easy as it sounds, and ...
Homebuyer Tax Credit Forms and Rules Now in Place   For the purpose of this credit, a first time homeowner is defined as one who has not owned a home for the 36 months ending on the date of purchase. The Treasury Department has moved at record speed to implement one piece of the new American Reco...
Removing a limit on refinancing for "responsible homeowners"    The bill for the New Housing Plan will remove the current restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that prohibits them from guaranteeing refinancing on mortgages valued at more than 80% of the home's value. This allows many more ho...
Some things EVERYONE should know.....   The times have definitely changed, and several new terms have crept into common usage in real estate.  Words like "short sale", "REO Property", and "bank-owned" each carry their own meaning and implication, and you need to be familiar with what they are.  C...
Starting off . . .   What a winter this has been.  Not too much snow, but I've not seen the temperatures this low since I moved down here from New York to my home in Ocean Pines back in 1991.  Granted that the Pines is a terrific place to live, and I do love my home, but this winter I kept thinki...
Over 140 Condos are for Sale in Ocean City that are Priced under $200,000! Choose Your Favorite and Call Me Today!   On the Oceanside: Two units at the "Mallard" on Sixth St. near the boardwalk.  Each two-bedroom, one-bath.  $185,900 and $199,900 Two units at the "Sea Nymph" at 17th St. near the ...
What's Your Buying Power-Interest Rates vs Purchase Price   Most folks think that when they apply for a loan the Lender qualifies them for a certain total amount of money.  This is only partly true.  What you are being qualified for is the amount you are able to pay EACH MONTH, and this determine...
Starting off . . .   Happy New Year!  May 2009 bring you health, wealth, happiness, and all you desire!   2008 took us for quite a ride and most of us are glad to be putting it behind us.  Now it looks as though we're going to be taking a different direction as a nation, and regardless of your po...

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