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Covering housing and economic trends of all points surrounding the RTP / RDU (Research Triangle Park), including the major markets of Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Durham and Johnston County.
I love, love, love a car show!  This was one of several events in the Triangle over the weekend.  There was also a Jazz Festival, a Greek Festival and SPARK in downtown Raleigh.  Unfortunately, for many of the events, we had some rain - and it was CHILLY - but the Clayton Harvest and Music Festiv...
The Real Estate BarCamps around the country have been going on for several years, in fact the third REBarCamp will be in Raleigh on October 21st.  We have a habit of asking folks what they want to talk about prior to Camp - to kind of get the "juices going" and to be sure everybody has a voice. A...
Next week Activerain is holding it's first Virtual Rain Camp - and with that event, they suggested local Ambassadors organize opportunities for the "Community" to meet IRL (in real life).  So far, there are over 42 "Meet Ups," "Tweet ups,"  "Active Ups," Planned.  The one here in the Triangle wil...
I just got a call from a very nice man who lives in Texas.  He doesn't hear very well, and when I answered the phone, "Hey!  This is Eleanor, how can I help you" (which is what I generally say when I am talking to someone I don't know) he said, "Yeah, Eleanor, I was lookin' at your website and I ...
It is our experience that when the Insurance Companies and the Investors hear that a certain "area" might be affected by a Hurricane, they do the following: Require Inspections What kind of Inspection depends upon the Investor,  Even if the storm has not reached Landfall yet,... let's say you hav...
I created this with a plugin for Google Apps called SlideRocket. Free - many cool features! What do you think? Is it something you could use to create your Real Estate Listing Presentation with? It was not really that hard to do - the text that I imported in was tricky - I just wanted to see how...
We talk to people everyday who have questions about qualifying for a FHA Mortgage Loan in NC.  FHA Underwriting Guidelines, are actually pretty straightforward.  Unlike qualifying for a VA Mortgage loan (where you must be a qualifying Veteran) or a USDA Home Loan (that requires that you meet inco...
I've been updating Blog Posts all day, and in the background I've been listening to CNBC - and they are driving me CRAZY with all of this Gloom and Doom, The World Is Ending, Debt Ceiling Crisis Stuff!  Yikes!  I know I can just change the channel - but I really wanted some BUSINESS updates!  Any...
  Lee and Pamela St. Peter are two of the most ethical Real Estate Agents in the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs area.  This is a SERIOUS problem - and I strongly suggest you use a Real Estate Professional if you are considering a purchase, or thinking about Renting a Home! If you...
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