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Covering housing and economic trends of all points surrounding the RTP / RDU (Research Triangle Park), including the major markets of Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Durham and Johnston County.
Many new homebuyers make the mistake of rushing out to buy things to fill their home with as soon as the seller accepts their purchase offer and the lender pre-approves their loan. But there are still a few major hurdles to overcome before the keys are handed out. Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot...
When you put information on each page of your company website – and there’s a little blank space that says Keywords or Meta Tags… don’t leave them EMPTY!  Not only could EMPTY keywords hurt, be THOUGHTFUL about which words prospects are most likely to “Google” to find you. You want to use the sa...
Until recently, borrowers with down payment money representing less than 5% of a property’s purchase price were limited to FHA loans. We now offer a Fannie Mae program that requires only a 3% down payment, and that 3% can be a gift! Unlike USDA Home Loans, you do NOT have to be within a “Rural” f...
  Have you ever looked at a friend’s Facebook or LinkedIn Profile Picture and though, “WHAT??” How about the folks who only use a picture of their puppy, or a For Sale Sign? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for puppies. I’m pretty keen on babies and kittens, too, but not in our profile pictures...
We love Holly Springs!  Most of the area "outside" of Ten-Ten (away from Raleigh) qualifies for USDA Home Loans.  These are 100%, no money down mortgage loans!  If you are considering a purchase in this area - please call Steve and Eleanor Thorne to learn more about qualifying for this program!  ...
I started this list very quietly in 2009 for some friends who were trying to build links back to their sites and profiles... It's been updated from the original list of 32 places you could link from to over 60.  I did not address Facebook in this list - because everyone has their own strategy for...
People moving to Ft. Bragg, in Fayetteville NC might be moving here with little or no equity.  Did you know that even if you've used your VA eligibility before, you can use it more than once... under certain circumstances. You need to either: pay off your prior VA loan and disposed of the propert...
I went to RE Tech South (RETSO) last week thinking I would come back from Atlanta and impress my friends with lots of conversations about the "next new shiny thing" and how we can dominate the market using it.  Instead, I find that all I really want to talk about is a much higher level conversati...
Let's say you are ready to purchase a home in NC, and you meet with a loan officer... and they say that your credit score is 610.  ARRRGGH!  Depending on the mortgage loan that you are applying for, you are probably JUST UNDER the score you need!  Now what do you do? Your loan officer might have ...
So you’re ready to move out on your own, and Kiss Your Landlord Good-bye?  CONGRATULATIONS! Here are FIVE THINGS we think every First Time Home Buyer should consider before making that move: When you buy a House – you get a Raise!  Uncle Sam definately sees benefits in having homeowners, so you g...

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