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Covering housing and economic trends of all points surrounding the RTP / RDU (Research Triangle Park), including the major markets of Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Durham and Johnston County.
At the end of this week European Regulators will report on the strength of Banks there.  I thought this was REALLY funny about the possible 16% writeoff of Greek Debt.  Better than expected news on the health of banks and the government debt could move mortgage rates higher later this week, stay ...
In the first 10 days of having registration open... we will have at least 100 people registered!  We are also going to hold the very first Carolina Real Estate Blog Brawl contest!  We are so fortunate to have so many great bloggers in North Carolina, like Penny Hull with Stanton Homes, who are w...
We had some clients over the weekend call and tell us that even though they are under contract to purchase a home... they found a different home they want to now purchase! "We talked to our agent... "Can't You Just Turn Me Down?"  Ugh, No.  Positively no.  Will not issue a turndown letter when I ...
On February 15, 2010 The Federal Housing Administration adopted new appraisal guidelines that include "geographic competency" requirements.  Effective June 30, 2010 Fannie Mae adopted similar requirements, a move that we think is important. The HVCC ruling came from NY Attorney General Cuomo and...
I have friends all over - and one of the things I'm finding very interesting is how many people ARE Geo-tagging everything... and how many people just AREN'T. I mean - seriously... have you seen someone in NC posting that they are "checking in" at a listing? Well folks in Colorado are! One friend...
I've lived all over North Carolina, and didn't really "grow" up in any one city... but I've spent more summer hours (since I was in 4th grade) at a PLACE that's special to my heart... the Hanover Seaside Club at Wrightsville Beach, NC. From our home in Cary - it takes exactly two hours to get the...
I'm writing this as much for myself as I am anyone else... I am an Economics junkie - always have been. With the lower than expected jobs numbers released last Friday, there are really smart folks who think the numbers might actually be off because of some complicated seasonal adjustments /equati...
  As you might know, my husband's name is Steve Thorne, and there's an Astronaut and a British Singer/Song Writer with that name.  We know first hand how hard it is to get your name established.  I can NOT imagine having to compete for Google Juice against a scandal like Carolyn Capalbo is!  We a...
USDA has been "out of money" for a couple of weeks, and they finally have a couple of dollars (2.5 Billion) to loan!  We get Rural FAST in North Carolina - which is why USDA Rural Development Loans are so important! People who purchased and want to take advantage of the Tax Credit, are now waitin...
For the last 18 months most lenders have added additional "Quality Control" in the mortgage process between Underwriting and Funding.  Many of those same Investors require the tax transcripts pulled prior to the loan being submitted for Underwriting, and they perform additional Automated Appraisa...

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