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House for sale in Spring Creek Estates Kalispell Montana   Property Features:   3 bedrooms 2 baths Double car garage  Hardwood floors Gas fireplace Granite countertops Stainless steel appliances In floor radiant heating in the master bath Beautifully landscaped corner lot Stampled concrete   305 ...
Delinquent Accounts on a Credit Report In my last blog post I explained what a debt to income ratio was and how it affects a loan applicant in the qualification process for obtaining a mortgage.  In my next series of posts I will lay out a plan to get out of debt so that you can breathe easier an...
Too much debt to qualify for a loan Many home loan applicants think about their debt in relation to income when trying to purchase a home  but don't know how much debt is too much for qualification.  Every home loan applicant is evaluated to see  how much debt in relation to income they have.  Wh...
Homes for Sale In Livingston Montana on Acreage  Property Features: Vaulted Ceiling Stained concrete floor Master suite loft Private attached bathroom Large walk-in closet Spacious custom deck Built-in grill Detached garage  Loads of extra storage space A bonus greenhouse! Concrete drive and walk...

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