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  Do you know when you show the perfect house and it has everything that the buyer has been asking for but they still seem to find just ONE thing that is not right...I am sure you understand.  I, like you have been in this real estate business now since 1995 and there is ALWAYS something NOT just...
 As always I am guilty of posting a "WALL OF WORDS" but if you will take the time read this and put a bit of action into what is shared I think you will be pleased with the results! Are you ready to have fun while adding names to your database, networking with other business leaders and giving V...
    Almost 20 years into being a REALTOR and I heard this new idea recently and just had to share! A veteran real estate agent, 1st class lady and huge commerical agent shared that for years she often placed out her real estate FOR SALE sign just on the property line instead of center to the prop...
HAPPY 100th TO ME!     I have missed blogging...my life has been shortened to 140 characters on Facebook and Twitter...Of course, I am not going to outline to you where I have been (EVERYWHERE YES) but it is obvious I have not been in the RAIN! So much has changed it seems. IT IS NOT FREE...Or wh...
  This is what I want to know...PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE! What real estate tool do you have that YOU CAN'T GIVE UP, WILL NOT GIVE UP and MUST HAVE to run your business? The list is like a mile long of tools we use...options to pay in, subscribe to and some required to be a part of...so HELP ME? I am ...
  I wrote a blog about my excitement with scan codes last night and today I will show you HOW I am implementing this! See the flyer above. This is a simple publisher document duplicated and printed. I have ran 200 copies and cut the paper in half to now go and deliver 400 coupons to LOWES to dis...
It was like Christmas Morning when I was 7! I will never forget getting up on Christmas morning and the exciting toy was the Rubicks Cube or the new pac man game! Now, it just takes a bit more in the technology world to excite people...My husband has a DROID and thinks it is the neatest thing. I ...
10 TRIED AND TRUE LEAD GENERATION TIPS!  A WALL OF WORDS BUT WELL WORTH THE READ!   Looking for leads in all the wrong places...Could be a great country and western hit but it sure is not how you wish to spend your day! Instead I hope to really give you something of substance and something you ta...

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