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MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS WITH LIZ Hello Active Rain World! Feedback is welcome on the quotes I will share - Some are quotes of others - some of my own. If you have one that you wish to share please add it here at well! This week I will lead off with a few to get us all going! "We can't change the di...
Regardless of what business you are in, if you email anyone EVER you will love this new tech tool! In this new age of technology we all know that whatever we are doing right now will be looked at like we view an AM/FM cassette player in about 36 months! However, I have a tool that I see to be tim...
I was like a kid getting Santa again when my new video email system arrived! Let me tell you my story on this... I presented The 3 B Method program last year in Las Vegas at the MGM to over 500 agents with Coldwell Banker and have kept in touch with many of them. One particular agent, Shanda sent...
The core of The 3 B Method is living your life BUSY - BALANCED - BLESSED! The hardest of these sometimes is in finding balance!  As a top producer I found that consitent follow up was one of the most difficult task I had! It was even difficult with an assistant until I found this program! I shar...
I am excited to start blogging on AR and hope you will join me and keep our blogs alive! If you have questions of any kind just ask! Those that have heard me speak in the past know that I am dedicated to your success. If I do not know the answer I will get it for you! UPDATE: 9/12/2009 Just looke...

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