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A bloggers rule to live by: You feed me, I eat...You bore me...I delete! Just curious when are "you" writing and reading blogs? Do you read and then write? Do you write and then read? Do you post a blog and shut down your computer and then rush back over to see if anyone has responded?   I perso...
I just noticed a dear friend from PA has started blogging and I wanted to send her a huge AR welcome! Please hlep me in welcoming Pam Burzynski to the rain! May you shower her with your post! She has been blogging consitently! GO PAMSKY!  
I hope you do not see this as just another wall of words...My pictures are not uploading so all you get are words! Oh well! So be it! I am pushing POST ANYWAY! A MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT WITH LIZ... This motivational moment will be just a bit more than a moment but it is something that has been strong...
    Circumstances that surround you and your own negative thinking have the ability to STOP you and keep you from being the best that you can be! I was "POOFED" today but I see it as being "BOOTED"!I had a facebook friend actually hurt my little ole' feelings today...Well, let's say he stung me j...
Help! I have seen it. I have even felt it! I have taken a summer break and have come back to new faces, new names and new colors, new stars, new logos, new, new everything! I see more ads...Ads make money and on a free site..Duuuh a requirement. I see what looks like a reward program! Yeah - I lo...
Work-a-holics do you relate? Did this title give you a big laugh? I read a similar tweet from Bob Ward, an agent in CT and laughed until I almost wet my pants reading the post from others...You see. We really all do relate! Honeslty, I have been MIA again here in the rain! The truth is that it ha...
  I keep posting on facebook that life is a game and the objective is and always will be YOU vs. YOU!I suppose it is safe to say that some of us are always creating? Always dreaming, creating, reworking, re planning...I once thought that life was all about being content and appreciative. I felt ...
This blog has ZERO to do with your success as a REALTOR but possibly 110% of your success in life and your happiness! I wanted to give credit to a great writer for creating the following quote that is a trail to success but I have searched everywhere and it appears the following is another one of...
Not that I know anything about hangovers but I hear that people wake up the next day and say "what did I do last night"? I can relate to that with these middle of the night teen events (middle only because I prefer lights out and blissful sleep to begin at 10PM) and not be woke up by sounds of ta...
Is there just too much or too little going on right now! Your phone is chirping, tweets are posting, facebook is sharing, text is crashing, email is getting boring and who still even has a land line home phone? Communication is spinning, growing and zooming by us. Is there too much static in the ...

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