Foreclosed, Distressed and Short Sales

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The Great Recession, which officially began in December 2007, brought with it hardships for many Americans.  Unemployment levels soared as countless businesses closed their doors.  The American Dream became difficult for many homeowners to hold onto as foreclosures and short sales skyrocketed.  T...
Getting investment financing for Silver Spring, MD real estate can be tricky.  Thanks to stringent lending practices and wary banks, investors face more hurdles than owner-occupants when trying to get a loan.  Despite the fact that one in every five homes is sold to a real estate investor, the Of...
If you're planning to sell a home in Silver Spring, MD then you'll want to apply these valuable home staging tips: 1.  The first part of any home staging process should be to remove from your home any and all clutter.  You should also use this opportunity to depersonalize your living spaces, as t...
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In September of 2012, Montgomery County had just under 1,000 homes active in some part of the foreclosure process: ·         82 percent had foreclosure papers filed ·         10 percent were bank-owned properties ·         9 percent were in the process of being auctioned This recent foreclosure a...
If you're similar to many American consumers, then you're probably beginning to feel more confident about the economy.  If you've been paying attention to home values, then you've noticed an increase.  You're also probably aware that mortgage rates are continuing to float along the floor.  All-in...
Homeowners in Silver Spring, MD are beginning to experience relief thanks to improving home values in a stabilizing housing market.  Consumer confidence is up while household debt decreases.  Home affordability is at historical highs while mortgage rates are at historical lows. According to data ...
If you’re a real estate investor who would like to search foreclosures in Montgomery County, MD, then you might be interested in a concise market report: Silver Spring is leading the way with...Continue Reading
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Distressed homeowners in Silver Spring, MD are in desperate need of foreclosure solutions.  Loan servicers have become more flexible and accommodating with respect to approving modifications and refinances, but not everyone qualifies for these alternatives.  Fortunately, these are not the only op...

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