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Since moving here 10 years ago, I've noticed there are quite a few "drawbacks" to living in this otherwise awesome are just a few warnings to those of you considering the move: 1. The mere threat of snow flurries may keep you home from work or's just horrible. 2. Weight ga...
1.     Guests always comment on the nice breezes going through your home...but your windows and doors are all shut. 2.     Your monthly visits to the allergist are starting to cost about as much as your mortgage payment. http://www.ea...
This post is pure humor, but I added some relevant links to help make it a little more educational!  1.     So my cousin Jeff is going to do our loan...says he doesn't even need to pull our credit!  Isn't that great? 2.     I know they a...
Top 10 reasons to buy a house NOW:  1.     The entertainment value of your pet goldfish has significantly decreased...and your landlord doesn't allow dogs or cats. 2.     The First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit. You can stop here if you qualify for this one!
If you or someone you know is looking to move into the growing Park Circle area, and you have an interest in "Green Living", you may find this post helpful.  Advance Builders is now pre-selling Craftsman style homes in Park Circle's environmentally friendly Oak Terrace Preserve.  Located in the c...
This post is really more for those of you who are planning on visiting the Park Circle area or considering a move here.  That's because, if you already live or work in the area, you are most likely already familiar with how awesome EVO is!  Located at 1081 East Montague Avenue, this is definitely...
Ever since I joined the AgentOwned Realty office in Park Circle, a subsection within North Charleston, SC, I have been amazed at how close knit the area's residents are.  It reminds me of stories about "the good old days", when neighbors would actually have meaningful conversations with eachother...

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