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Gainesville, Florida, New Homes, Real Estate: Emmer Group and Emmer Development Corp. have been leaders in home building for almost 60 years! Quality Construction, Energy Efficient, Great Schools, Experts about the Home!
Real estate can be a tricky thing. If you’ve ever heard agents, developers or anyone in the business talk about real estate, you can quickly observe that we’ve got essentially our own language that isn’t always easy to follow along with. When every clause has a name, every type of loan and deed ...
  Originally Posted on 2/1/2012 on   For it being January, Mother Nature’s been treating Gainesville pretty kindly with this mild weather in the 70’s. And while we’re not complaining, it’s pretty obvious that we could take a little more time to be appreciative of the mild ...
Originally posted on 1/13/2012 on    Alachua County is known for the University of Florida, cultural diversity, a great local music scene… and air potatoes? Unfortunately, it’s true: we’re just one of the counties in Florida affected by this heavily invasive species of pla...
Originally Posted on 12/19/2011 on When you think of the winter holidays, there’s a variety of things that come to mind: reindeer, presents, candles… home listings? Selling a home during the most festive time of year can be frustrating, when there are so many other things...
  Originally Posted December 8, 2011 on    We hope you're having a happy holiday season and that you enjoy the post we've got for you below! ‘Tis the season for giving! And we decided we certainly wanted to give to you, so we pulled out a very special trump card and are featur...
Originally Posted November 30, 2011 on  What are your holiday traditions? We've got plenty, most involving the two big "F" 's: Family and Food! As we all slowly recover from too many leftovers and the Black Friday brawls, it’s a good time to remember that the giving season...
 Originally posted November 17, 2011 on   We hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone! It’s almost here! It’s become nearly impossible to help but think of the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pies that we’ll all gorge ourselves on next week. Not only have we ne...
 Originally Posted on November 7, 2011 on  Here's Winnie- who would have thought she was so mistreated before she arrived! Sometimes, good things do come out of bad situations. For example, imagine a horse named Winnie has been found by police to be abused, malnourished or...
  Originally Posted on October 25, 2011 at            Remodeling has become more popular over the past 2 years than ever before, but why is that? We all know that the economy is still feeling under the weather, and the housing market has been in intensive care for some tim...
Posted on October 11, 2011 on  Though we don’t exactly get cold during the fall here in Gainesville, Florida, we definitely start to see a difference in the length of days, the chilly mornings and a slightly lower electric bill. When this season rolls around, it’s hard not...

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