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I had an interesting conversation with a seller today. We're into our inspection period and everything is going well. (Knock on wood!) I called this morning to chat about requested repairs and, once we finished that conversation, she said, "I have a weird question. How do I pack?"Ya know, that's ...
My post yesterday, Dear New REALTORS, generated some emails to me. As a friend send me, "Ok, Miss Smarty Pants, what do you recommend?" I don't have a lot of programs and apps that I use. I'm pretty lucky in that the brokerage I'm with provides a lot of tools like buyer and listing presentation p...
I know that getting started in real estate can be tough. Where to find your clients, how to offer them the best service, how to stay organized...the list goes on and on.One thing you'll learn quickly is that there are a lot of products out there for you to buy - from on line lead gen, to scripts ...
I am currently sitting in my new office in downtown Tucson, having moved to Long Realty last week. We're just a block down from our humble beginnings on Congress Street so we get to see all of the same amazing faces of our business owner friends...but it's a new beginning for hubby and I. It's ex...
It seems that Dual Agency has become a hot topic again on the interwebs...or perhaps it just never died down. I've had conversations recently with buyers and sellers about dual agency...and why I will never double end a deal.Now, before I get going - understand that there are two "types" of dual ...
I was listening to a webinar today where one of the speakers, Nick Bastian, said something along the lines of "Yeah they're my competition but they're also my peers". I love that and it means so much more when you look at it from a safety stand point. One of the things my husband and I have been ...
This month, I'm on a mission to get you to change the way you do business. Why?Beverly CarterSidney Cranstonand so many many more. It's REALTOR Safety Month and I'm going to be posting A LOT about this during September. I'm on a mission. Our safety needs to be a 24/7/365 thing, not just a month o...
Tomorrow, September 1st, starts REALTOR Safety Month. More, now than ever, we MUST keep safety in the front of our brain. We MUST stop "the way we used to do things" and take a stand to keep ourselves away from potentially dangerous situations.I am SO proud to be a member of the Arizona Associati...
(Rather fitting for a Thankful Thursday)We sit in our real estate world 24/7. We live and breathe (and sometimes dream) contracts and inspections and home warranties and walk thrus and...and...and...How often do we sit back and think about that person on the other side of the table? You know - th...
Ah yes. The age old question. Which one is better and is there really a difference?Let me preface this by saying the following: This is my opinion only. Now let's take a look at a recent scenario one of my buyers faced. As they started their home search, they went online and applied with a nation...

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