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Homebuying has enough pressure.  As we pass the middle of summer, there is a little more added pressure with getting your new home found and closed before classes start. However, if the right house just doesn't show up on your radar screen, there are a few things you can consider doing: 1. If you...
Tucson Mountain Park is a beautiful, almost 20,000 square acre park on the west side of Tucson. You can bike, camp, hunt and hike amazing trails through the Sonoran Desert.  The park is one of the largest natural resource areas owned and managed by a local government in the U.S.F From the Tucson ...
3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom1344 square feet on 3.79 acres$247,000 Welcome home! This beautiful home is situated on a 3.79 acre lot in Oro Valley, AZ This is a charming burnt adobe home with the possibility to become a much larger home!Situated in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, your backyard gives y...
In the late 1960's and early 1970's many towns and cities across the US went through a phase of urban renewal.  Many old downtown areas were 'put aside' as populations centers shifted to what used to be the outlaying areas of cities. It happened in Las Cruces and we lost many historic buildings. ...
About 90 miles to the southeast of Tucson is a wonderful little town called Bisbee, Arizona. The area was discovered in 1877 by a reconnaissance detail on the search for Apaches in the Mule Mountains.  A tracker with the detail noticed a lot of mineralization in the area - copper, silver and lead...
Mesilla, New Mexico has been a tourist destination for decades.  It's a little town just to the south of Las Cruces and has more history packed into 5+ square miles than many towns in the Southwest.           The most 'famous' part of Mesilla (which means Little Table in English) is the Plaza, wh...
Living in the southwest means having to deal with a lot of desert critters - rattlesnakes, coyotes and the occasional skunk. There have been a few times that my pups have tangled with a 'perfume kitty'. The old wives tale of using tomato juice is actually ineffective. The goal is to get rid of th...
There's a courtyard just off of Main Gate Square in Tucson called Geronimo Park. It's surrounded by a few local restaurants and a little organization called Ben's Bells. Ben's Bells was created out of tragedy. When Jeannette Mare's 3 year old son, Ben, passed away very suddenly, she began creatin...
From the back porch of an REO we recently showed. I wonder what happened to Tom, Sharon and Tommy.

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