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Interest rates. They are used for credit cards, checking accounts, loans of every imaginable kind, and of course - for mortgages. When interest rates rise, they make buying a home more expensive. When interest rates drop, the cost of buying a home also drops. What has happened in the past week is...
You hear the commentary – “Diversify your Investments!, ” “Buy Low and Sell High!,” “Real Estate is a Strong Investment,” etc., etc., etc. So, perhaps you are a 40 something year old and have wondered, How do I do that? Where are the risks, what would it cost, is it feasible? Relax. We will spell...
  Adjustable rate mortgages. ARMs. The evolution of this loan is now quite complete. Payment options? All gone. Negative Amortization? All gone. Balloon payments? All gone. Prepayment Penalties - Almost extinct and getting there. 1, 3 or 6 month adjustment periods - Almost extinct and getting the...
Ok, isn't it obvious? I am highly skilled, motivated, willing to help, experienced, available 24/7, etc. etc. etc. Right? Aren't we all? For a client, all agents are not made equally. Sometimes it is our personality that wins (or loses) them. Other times it is our focus on a specific area, or our...
Almaden. It is a vibrant community, filled with long time residents who do not leave!   But, what if you do not already live here? People have to determine commutes, cost and schools just like any other community. What often separates Almaden can be the cost to live here - how much down payment c...
Ok. You were interested in buying a home, but you have been told you cannot. Perhaps a Loan Officer or a Realtor told you have serious challenges such as credit issues, or income issues, or down payment issues, Green Card or residence status, etc. What if you could buy? And even if you cannot buy...
Niches. Such an interesting word. Webster defines it as "a distinct segment of a market". What do you define it as? A specific focus or offer that is unusual or more difficult to find? Or some other variation of this theme? Often times in Real Estate, our very career is set in motion by a niche -...
Ok. We all have had people who have impacted our lives – parents, teachers, coaches, and so on. But, we often have one person who stands out as a primary impact on our life. For me, that was my grandmother Rose. First, some background on Granma Rose. She was no ordinary Grandma. She lived until s...
I was recently working with a realtor who was preparing an offer for a client. She was working diligently on her information gathering (recent sales, condition of home, termite report, etc.) and wanted to talk with the seller's agent to ensure her preparation was sound. Our loan pre approval was ...
We all do it. We get excited about a new year, feel a rebirth of sorts and make several promises to our friends, colleagues and family. "I am going to lose weight!", or, "I am going to increase my production (common in the real estate industry)". "I am going to work fewer hours", or "I am going t...

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