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I get the question every now and then, more now than then. "Do you think you guys will be in business too much longer with the way the market is going?"  Who knows. If I owned a giant big box brokerage I guess I wouldn't be as worried with the volume covered in numbers and in the same breath I mi...
I can't help but notice how the political climate has sparked change in reasoning behind homeowners selling their house in town to get out to the country. This has been going on for years because people wanted to escape the city life and retreat to the equestrian ranch. But this time around its n...
I have had several emails in the past 24 hours asking me if this is the pic I use on my business card. As funny as it might be, I have to say NO!!! Hahahaha! I was messing when I uploaded my new pic and I thought what the heck. What can I say, I'm a goofball sometimes. Enjoy...
Just closed a house recently, and the days leading up to closing we were in desperate search of an AC drip pan leak that filled up the duct work. As it turns out the people who got foreclosed on TWO OWNERS AGO had taken a water hose and filled the duct work with water.  That was a first for me.  ...
How many foreclosures have you been in that are in less than desirable repair? How many are in that condition due to: no utilities, no theft deterrent, no lawn maintenance? (even though the contractors are collecting a check) And the list goes on and on. I titled this blog "For those who are flue...
At we are transitioning our real estate brokering practices from a more traditional style to suit the ever changing technological advancements and sophistication of todays agents. We here at feel that an agents transition in todays realestate marketplace can ac...
As you have all noticed, there has been a recent influx of buyers. It seems there aren't enough agents to service the amount of buyer leads we have flooding our email accounts here at, and that's just in our boutique office. To make sure these leads are getting the attention the...

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