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Count Your Blessings.  I can't remember how many times my mother told me and my brother and sister to "count our blessings" when we were growing up, but it was a lot.  We knew that we didn't have everything we wanted as kids, growing up in a divorced single-parent family in Hammond, Indiana durin...
Today Fannie Mae reported a 2.3 billion dollar loss.  It seems like every day there is more bad news about the mortgage fallout.  I have been in the lending business for over 30 years and as I was driving to work today, I was asking myself the question-When did common sense go out the window with...
I remember another challenging market back in the middle of 1999 and all of 2000.  The previous year 1998 was a great refinance year, with interest rates for a 30 year fixed rate loan dropping to 6.50%. However, like most things it didn't last and rates started to move higher.  In March of 2000 o...
I just joined Active Rain, so this is my first "blog" entry.  I would welcome the opportunity to assist with Q & A on the residential mortgage business (in general) or specific questions about loan programs, interest rates and closing costs.  The business can seem complicated and I would like to ...

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