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Informing Home Buyers and Home Owners about Mortgage Loans; FHA, VA, Conventional and Refinance. Helping you catch on to the latest in the Real Estate Market as a whole. Providing inspiring commentary on the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maryland and Virginia Housing Markets, including Property Management and Apartment Industry news. The information you need to stay in it.
  Over the past few years the housing fiasco has elbowed millions of property owners and mortgage holders to mental regions they have never been to before. Plummeting home values have introduced them to the dark side of life that is totally new to them. Unable to make mortgage payments on time ha...
Professional inspection is a must when buying a home, even recommended when purchasing a new house. Okay, then comes the report and here Mary & Dick explain in detail what to look for on it and how to react to the different items the inspector has written down. Great read on that. The inspection ...
  The housing market continues to display signs of slowly shedding its recent bad reputation and is actually gaining real recovery traction. Prices in many areas are firming up and even rising, listing inventories are shrinking, permits for new homes show improvement and mortgage money is still q...
Charles brings up a key point here when home buyers start looking for mortgage financing for their dream home. Check your credit report before turning in the application. Ideally you would get pre-approved first and then begin the home search. It’s important in life and in mortgage lending that y...
Anna brings up a point that seems to be not getting the attention and seriousness it should from fellow agents. Sellers should also take note, in other words insist while listing their home that specific instructions for access should be instituted for everyone's benefit. Showing Instructions are...
  The real estate market as a whole is making progress according to many recent statistics. What keeps housing experts on their toes is the uneven nature of the improvement. Take the Washington, D.C. metro region as an example. There are pockets in D.C. itself, in Northern Virginia and suburban M...
  The national housing news are getting better, one step at a time. The direction is cautious to be frank but so long as it is going down the right path home loan and real estate industry participants can continue making strategic plans for the future. In fact, the entire economy needs a stable h...
George brings forth a clear-cut picture of how FHA handles mortgage applications for those who have a foreclosure or a short sale on their record. Looking at the criteria things could be much worse, so as the real estate market picks up steam a little at a time there is a potential funding source...
  Many changes have been introduced to the mortgage marketplace over the past few years in the wake of the legendary housing crash. Existing government regulations have been massaged and in many cases completely new ones were legislated and the private home loan industry has with a heavy hand rec...
Renee goes straight to the point here. And what a great piece of advise it is for Vegas equity sellers. It's only prudent that they insist on being represented professionally all the way through so there is no money left on the table. None.I am seeing this happen in our inventory strapped market ...

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