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Informing Home Buyers and Home Owners about Mortgage Loans; FHA, VA, Conventional and Refinance. Helping you catch on to the latest in the Real Estate Market as a whole. Providing inspiring commentary on the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maryland and Virginia Housing Markets, including Property Management and Apartment Industry news. The information you need to stay in it.
The giant GSEs - or Government-sponsored Enterprises - have been mandated to provide liquidity to the mortgage marketplace and over the years they have fulfilled that role very successfully. They grew to dominate the conventional conforming home loan segment. But when the world-famous housing bub...
Southern Nevada resale housing market - covering subdivisions in Summerlin, Henderson, Southern Highlands, Anthem, Silverstone Ranch, Rhodes Ranch and Green Valley - has proved in the past several months that it does have a pulse. Motivated by affordable mortgage money, shamelessly low prices and...
The mortgage and real estate markets are in the midst of a major overhaul on the heels of the current housing embarrassment. The home loan sector has already seen major regulatory changes, some needed and some of dubious value. And in this climate of political gamesmanship and Wall Street lobbyin...
Elliott has written a great blog about As, Bs and Cs. Good advice for all sides to know.The is no question that Jack Welch, the former CEO at GE, and now a frequent contributor on CNBC and other ffinancial forums is extremely full of himself. If you have read his books, he will regale you with pr...
The housing market is a mess. The home loan industry is limping along. The economy is on an IV drip. Bernanke makes Time magazine's Man of the Year. Tiger, well, nuff said. But there are also some goods news sprinkled in somewhere there. Here's one. The real estate meltdown is now credited with b...
Early on after the real estate bubble burst the home loans that went bad were largely subprime and the general feeling then was that the defaults would pretty much stay in this particular segment. Lo and behold, slowly the Alt-A type of mortgage, once thought to be on really solid footing, starte...
Great blog about what can happen if inflation at even in moderate numbers shows up, and what you can do for protection against it. Institute for Trend Research economist Alan Beaulieu recently presented inflation expectations and provided actionable guidance, as reported by Paul Diamond, Web Edit...
The home loan mess is a tough customer to bring under control. Everyone agrees with that. The government and the private sector have tried all sorts of cures to change its course, with very little so far to show for their labors. Mortgage foreclosures are going to continue by some reliable estima...
Zillow is full of new ideas and here is the latest. See if this service can help you out with your rental properties.I have an investment property in Florida. In the last three years, twice I’ve listed it for sale. Twice I’ve ended up renting it. Twice I’ve relied on my agentto help me with the d...
Mortgage and real estate market aficionados continue to debate how to fix this bone-chilling mess. While the back and forth is going on the government has taken a leading role in actually doing something. It had to act because the private sector - let's call it Wall Street - ran itself to ground,...

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