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A new twist is emerging in the ongoing real estate overload. There have been a few of them already as mortgage borrowers wrestle with all sorts of challenges that can put their home ownership in jeopardy. This probably won't be the last one, either. Times are rather unusual and fragile not only i...
Southern Nevada - with communities like Mountains Edge, Rhodes Ranch, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Anthem and Green Valley - housing market has now assumed kind of a wait and see attitude. Las Vegas mortgage borrowers are still enjoying low interest rates that keep them at least tuned i...
Here is a good report on homeowner confidence levels regarding real estate, provided by Zillow. Take a look.Each quarter Zillow tracks Homeowner Confidence by conducting a survey, along with Harris Interactive, to gage homeowner sentiment about the value of their home.  When we started 6 quarters...
Second mortgages are now starting to make their way into the ever-shifting foreclosure battlefield. As the housing market fell famously to pieces and took real estate values down with it, pushing scores of homeowners underwater, first mortgage holders were left holding the bag. That is if they ha...
The agonizing mortgage and housing downturn has brought FDIC to the forefront of efforts to keep the financial system from being sucked into a dark, unpleasant place. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. takes over failed banks and then allows other healthier financial institutions to acquire the ...
Southern Nevada - including communities like Anthem, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Mountains Edge, Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Green Valley and Rhodes Ranch - housing market has become one of the favorite playing grounds for scores of investors. And for a good reason. Las Vegas property values h...
Take a look at what Lenn has to say about Washington's latest effort to fix the mortgage jam.Name and Shame Concept - IMHO,? . . .  Since I was asked. . . . Christine Bohn requested an opinion re her blog post, Name and Shame Concept - IMHO.  Never one to avoid commenting, I'm happy to oblige.  T...
The current housing market turmoil has delivered the conventional home loan sector a hard uppercut on the chin, sending it reeling, which left a huge void in its wake. This gave FHA, rather dormant home loan insurer in recent years, an opening to regain some its past luster and it has steadily ga...
The unprecedented real estate bubble the nation just experienced was partly created by the credit rating shops that were tasked to value mortgage-backed securities, or MBS. The three large agencies doing that are Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's. The ratings the thre...
When the Southern Nevada - including Southern Highlands, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Anthem, Mountains Edge and Green Valley - housing market tripped into a free fall it was a foregone conclusion on many lips that scam artists would soon surface to try take advantage of the situation. ...

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