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The housing bust rearranged residential real estate values downward by percentages not seen since who knows when. On average prices plummeted 30% from the highs reached in 2006. One of the effects of that major shift would logically be that now homes were going to be more affordable, especially ...
Jay is demonstrating how important it is that a buyer gets a professional home inspection done before settlement. His blog clearly validates why. The cost of one is marginal when it comes to what an inspection can reveal and what the discovered defects, like in this example, could cost later on. ...
  As expected, the curve on home loans at risk of default in the gathering storm toward the now infamous housing meltdown was literally shooting through the roof. The rise was nearly as steep as that of a fireworks projectile zooming to the sky during a July 4th mayhem. Mortgage lenders those day...
Lenn's blog about the "normal" high is must read for real estate pros, homeowners and those thinking of buying property. It really puts the housing market in perspective as to where it has been and where it likely is heading.                                                   "HARD CORE REAL ESTAT...
  The word is that the recent housing tragedy supposedly swept away from the surface of the planet all the highly creative mortgage products that were roundly blamed for some of the ensuing trouble. At least one of them has survived, though, the Interest-Only one. In it, only the interest portion...
Alan's blog is totally important when the buyer is anxiously waiting for the deal to close. Basically, to avoid any potential setbacks, he needs to refrain from doing anything new or different from his daily routine. The lender world is rather fickle today. At one of my myriad of workshops that I...
  Without a doubt the Washington, D.C. metro area’s real estate market in general has weathered the epic economic downturn better than most other regions in U.S. Some zip codes here, however, have experienced home value declines even in double digits and mortgage foreclosures are a common topic a...
George expertly takes the reader through all the steps in the mighty important closing sequence. When those keys jingle in the buyers hand it's all but over. Recording it will put the good housekeeping seal of approval on everything.As I stated in the closing of my last blog on in this series Mee...
  The residential real estate sector is painstakingly working its way out of the darkness where it was unceremoniously  shoved by the recent marketplace excesses. There is little doubt that things right now are looking up but the road to a solid, sustainable housing recovery is still in the early...
George is explaining step by step what needs to happen before a mortgage loan can close. Meeting the possible conditions, and there often are at least a few, is vital to getting the loan closed and keys handed over to the new homeowners. Once the Commitment Letter has be issued, everyone is a lit...

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