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Mike Jaquish's recent post about real concerns with the sanctity of title in real property in America is apt and thoughtful. How are we as an industry to function if we cannot reassure our buyers that there will no title issues or problems after they purchase? Certainly purchasing an owner's poli...
I represent a couple in Boston who live in a beautiful two leverl condominium in a three unit Condominium. They have recently purchased Unit 2 on the second floor, and we have under agreement the last Unit on the top floor. In the reasonably near future, my clients will own ALL of the Units in th...
I recently wrote a post that was not featured, but seemed to inspire comments from almost everyone, questioning either my sanity or my fitness to work with Realtors on real estate transactions. I can only conclude that the concept of helping out a transaction by "chipping in" is so alien to many ...
I am not sure I understand why every purchase mortgage loan takes forever to get to the finish line. We see scenarios where the Appraiser is the bad guy. He, she or they are "backed up: three and four weeks, and without an appraisal, the world stops. I haven't figured out how to deal with this "s...
This post is written with no intended offense to people who live in the Sunflower State. It certainly is not meant to offend the Dorothy's of the world, especially since Dorothy is my only sister's middle name. What I am extremely upset about, and cannot seem to find a solution for, is the total ...
Transparency is a term which is generally reserved for large banks and financial institutions. There has been a grwoing awareness, since the fall of Lehman, that we need to know better what financial giants are doing before we get stuck in another cataclysmic situation like the last months of 200...
Many of you were extremely interested in my recent post concerning sisters who had reached an impasse regarding a property in Massachusetts which they had purchased together. They were not getting along, and had very different visions about the use of the vacation home they purchased 4 and 1/2 ye...
It used to be the car you drove. Then, it may have been the clubs you were members of. These days, I am starting to understand that your email address says a lot about you, and your level of sophistication and credibility. I have begun to notice it in my profession, that of an real estate attorne...
First of all, let me state a fact that I do find somewhat exceptional. In my forty plus years of working with Buyers and Sellers as a Massachusetts real estate attorney, I have never lost a deposit, either representing a Buyer or a Seller, because the transaction did not close on time. And I work...
I received a call from a client the other day, inquiring about the cost and length of time involved, in developing a set of condominium documents for a three family home he was renovating in South Boston. I asked him whether he had floor plans and site plans completed. He told me he expected both...

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