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I have to start this post by stating, in no uncertain terms, that I am not a Realtor. I have to admit that I have considered becoming one ,from time to time, especially as I have sharpened some of my sales skills. But deep down, I could never leave the profession I have toiled at for more than fo...
There are many things many of you do better than I. I know you can bake a pie, or tie a fly, on manage a plane in the sky, better than I. I question, however, whether you can craft a legal document better than I, or any of my  attorney colleagues across this great nation of ours. Legal drafting i...
I read a column in the Business Today section of the Boston HERALD on Sunday, March 13, 2011, which I found both upsetting and surprising and not in accord with my prior understandings. Perhaps, some of you also read Kenneth Harney's column on the real story of the treatment of debt forgiveness b...
As a Massachusetts real estate attorney with a fair amount of experience trying to help clients who are behind in paying their mortgages, I am starting to question the true motivation of the Big Lenders in terms of short sale approvals. A lot of the people on ActiveRain who write posts on conside...
The long awaited and much needed revision to the Massachusetts Homestead Law will be taking effect on March 16, 2011. The text of the new law can be found at Massachusetts General Law Ch 188 §1-10. The homestead aw which was previously in effect (the "Old Homestead Law") has caused more debate am...
As real estate professionals, we are more or less "conditioned" to the stress level which exists within our clientele. I am a Massachusetts real estate attorney with more than 42 years of experience. I have assisted client in buying, and selling, five and four thousand homes, respectively. In har...
Much of America is unemployed. I am not just speaking about young, untrained individuals, who have never been out in the workplace. I am more directing you to that solid group of middle-aged people who have been let go in the past two years from jobs they thought they would have for life. Many of...
The subject of Home Owner's Title Insurance ("HOTI") always comes up in purchase transactions in which I am involved. For my more sophisticated clients, it is generally a "no-brainer". The client spends a little extra money and then has piece of mind respecting his or her title which will last th...
While acting as a real estate professional, working on purchase and sale agreements, leases, real estate closings and the like, has been interesting, I must admit that nothing in my over 40 years of practicing law has been elevated to the status of "earth-shattering" or even dramatic. What I do e...
I recently wrote a post concerning the "closing being an opening". Since writing that piece, i have had some time to consider additional strategies to use to keep my name, and my presence, before the client. It is a truism that the best sales efforts are directed not at attracting new clients, pe...

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