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Welcome to my blog about mortgages and real estate loans in Oregon, California, Alaska and Washington. I am a government specialist and am a Vietnam era veteran. I enjoy working first time home buyers and have many tools available to help them.



Jason Crouch is a RE Broker in Austin Texas and has done a lot for the A/R community to spread the information to everyone. He has been nominated for a really nice award, the Texas Social Media Award and it would be nice for everyone who agrees, to go to the link and vote for him. Go Jason and g...
Well, another week is nearly gone and we have seen more action, both up and down on the mortgage market. So, where did we end up after the Fed’s announcement yesterday? Well, no surprises, they aren’t going to lower the rate to less than zero. However they did say some things in their announcemen...
Inflated appraisals were cited as one of the things to blame for the mortgage melt down and have continued to be a concern for several months. More and more companies are tightening up on their appraisal requirements and requiring that the appraisal comparables be within a certain area and within...
I just posted a new article on my website about recent financial reports and the possibility that we may be approaching the bottom of the Real Estate Market. Now, I am no Guru, but I read the stuff that is coming out and there is a possibility that things are turning around and if they are, it is...
Now, a new (not really) word is creeping into the rate discussion, inflation. Concern over the stimulus package and bail out cost, many economists are thinking that we could be on the verge of inflation. The next few days could be major turning points in the current mortgage environment. Today, t...
When will we hit the bottom? What is a good interest rate? What is the best interest rate? These questions will plague buyers for the coming months as they try to decide if this is the right time to buy a home. Today, Barry Habib, the Mortgage Market Guy, had this to say: "Existing Home Sales sur...
This post by Eleanor Thorne has to do with minimum credit scores that she has to deal with specific to her lenders. However, it is the case that this is happening industry wide. There will be fewer and fewer loans available, if at all, for lower credit score borrowers. There are ways to increase...
Three major concerns in mortgage loan underwriting have again come to the forefront with underwriters. Those three items, Credit, Collateral and Capacity are the three legs of intelligent underwriting in todays Real Estate Mortgage industry. What are some of the things that effect these three leg...
There has been a lot of discussion about how the adjustment period of ARMs are going to have a major detrimental effect on the housing market as people with adjustable rates that they got over the past 2-3 years will be seeing their payments skyrocketing as these ARMs adjust. Well, it is just pos...

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