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Welcome to my blog about mortgages and real estate loans in Oregon, California, Alaska and Washington. I am a government specialist and am a Vietnam era veteran. I enjoy working first time home buyers and have many tools available to help them.
There has been discussion on the blogs about why FHA loans are coming to prominence, but I haven't seen a side by side comparison, so I thought it was about time that we did that. FHA Mortgage Loan vs. a Conventional Mortgage Loan with a limited down payment. How do they compare? First, the assum...
I think that Gerry summed up for me about why I am in this business too. There is nothing like helping someone get into their first home and the USDA program is fantastic with so much of our area qualifying for the program. Thanks Gerry! I was reminded how good it is to be a mortgage lender yeste...
I thought a long time (for me anyway) about whether to write this blog or not. I didn't want to come across as if I were tooting my own horn just to hear it toot. I changed my mind about that when I was talking with a Realtor® that I really trust on the Springfield Board of Realtors® and she conv...
I know this is going to be a company by company thing, however, my company has announced that they will not be accepting loan locks on FHA "increased" loan limits after December 5, 2008. This means that any FHA Real Estate Loans going into our system after that date must conform with the 2009 FHA...
Dave Woodson is a mortgage professional in Indiana and has hit the nail on the head about using professionals. You wouldn't try to fix a broken circuit box, why try to sell your own home.Short cuts Equal short checks I used to work with a guy whose motto that was to all of us.  Whenever, we had t...
I am pretty certain this started with Danny Thornton and he came up with the idea outside of Active Rain. (Yes Virginia, there is life outside of Active Rain) I thought it was a pretty interesting idea when he posted about it yesterday but never expected it to hit me so soon. So, here is the idea...
The City of Springfield administers a program to help low to moderate income purchasers get into their first home. It is called SHOP which stands for Springfield Home Ownership Program. This assistance program was created to encourage home ownership in Springfield by assisting low income resident...
I got an interesting e-mail this weekend from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I was really surprised to find out (according to the e-mail) that they had an AOL address. I guess they needed the SPAM protection. Anyway, the e-mail proceeded to tell me that they had been monitoring an illegal t...
Sandy Shores from Florida has some insightful information about what it takes to re-educate those that take the media at face value. This is an excellent post. If you have comments, I suggest you give them to her. Thanks,"What luck for rulers, that men do not think." - Adolf Hitler (scary thought...
I got the news yesterday that Frontier Home Mortgage was closing in Eugene. Since they are in the same building as us, that was communicated though the grapevine that all buildings seem to have. I am not sure how long Frontier was in business but I know they were in operation when I started as a ...

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