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Welcome to my blog about mortgages and real estate loans in Oregon, California, Alaska and Washington. I am a government specialist and am a Vietnam era veteran. I enjoy working first time home buyers and have many tools available to help them.
Sue Botehlo, a USDA Rural Housing Mortgage Pro in Fort Walton Beach, FL posted this list of changes in mortgage guidelines for 2009 and it is an excellent list. Of note, the new FHA loan limit for Lane County is $271,050, down significantly from the temporary increase. Also, the USDA Guaranteed ...
Gayle Balaban just posted the same feelings that I have been promoting. Fear has been driving the much of our market place and that fear has been driven by the media. We need more positive reinforcement such as Gayle has offered here about the Real Estate Market. I like her history lesson on the ...
Almost missed Wednesday. Northeastern Oregon. Blue Mountain Range.
Sometimes you make your decisions based on total facts, sometimes you make your decisions based on strictly on feelings. In the following post about a sense of urgency, I think that I have put a balance to fact and feeling. Facts are that mortgage rates are low and prices of homes have dropped. M...
Carol Clay, an experienced Realtor in North Carolina has some really great ideas about what you may want to do before you sell your home. I believe most of the information contained here is just common sense, but it always amazes me how many people forget common sense when it comes to selling th...
Well, the latest and greatest MeMe has hit me again. I actually take this as an honor that someone thinks enough of me to pick me for the fun. This time it was Midori Miller that zapped me and according to the following rules, I get to do the same to seven of my friends or "near" enemies. Not tha...
I came across an article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal that really hit a nerve with me. I have been posting for some time that the causes of the "mortgage meltdown" were many and varied. This article came at it in a different way with many of the same realizations. It has been my contentio...
The following e-mail looks really official. As a matter of fact, the e-mail address it came from looks really official, I know it looks official because I checked out SunEast Federal Credit Union on the internet and found that their website is so the e-m...

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