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Recently, I drove down Central St. in North Reading and I saw a yard sign. There it was. A For Sale sign was  prominently displayed in a yard for a house on that street. For Sale. I drove by it again the next day. For Sale. Day after day, week after week, the sign remained For Sale. Literally, we...
When people have asked me in the past, “Hey, Evan, tell me about your business,” I had a standard and honest response up until recently. I would tell them that we have four offices, about sixty agents, and overall we do really well. That’s been my kind of immediate response. Then the ir follow up...
You’d be hard pressed to find, especially these days, a company that does not have a website. If you don’t have a website, well, you are really placing your business in a tiny pigeonhole. You need to provide a website that represents who you are and what you do; an Internet based presence has bec...
Mr. Buyer: “I want to purchase the home that is $20,000 cheaper than that other home! Sure, I’ll have to replace the carpets and the windows need updating, and of course, the kitchen needs a bit of work, but it’s certainly the better deal!” Is it really? Let me clue you in on the difference betwe...
  When selling a home, the importance of strategic pricing cannot be overstated. Now more than ever before, a potential buyer is likely to search the internet long before picking up the phone or meeting an agent for an actual house hunting expedition. To determine the optimal listing price, it i...
Who would ever admit they’d prefer to make a bad impression? I’d say that we can all agree that most people in general, as well as in business, want to put their best foot forward, they want to make good impressions and confidently express who they are and what they know, as well as what they can...
SINGLE FAMILY LISTINGS: Single Family Listings: 20   Average List Price: $508,135  Average Sale Price: $513,543   Average Market Time: 33.35 Home Value Report for Medford Massachusetts, November 2013 In November 2013, there were 20 single family homes sold,  that had an average sale price of $513...
Twitter 101 1. Be authentic. Add some personality to your tweets and show your authentic self. This doesn’t mean disclosing every detail of your life, but all business all the time is boring. 2. Be interested in others. The best way to build followers is to engage and respond to what others are ...
Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage to Work for Successful Real Estate Agents look for four things when choosing a Broker to hang your license with: a broker they can learn from a broker they can have fun with a broker they can make money with a broker they can grow with Every Boston area real estat...


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Welcome to Evan Russell’s Blog Spot. As we continue to work through this tough Real Estate market, we need to constantly perform at higher level and keep up with today’s consumers. I have created several modules and training outlines that I will post in the days and weeks to come, for all to review. If we don’t constantly outperform other realtors in today’s marketplace, and use our knowledge and follow up techniques, to entice and educate the buyer, they will buy from someone who does.