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I rarely re-post anyone's blog, but this one is exceptional. Written by Andi Grant in Long Beach California, she has hit the nail on the head as far as the "reality" of choosing an agent for your homebuying. Since we only and always represent the best interest of the buyer, I thought it fit perfe...
            What can an Orlando Home Buyer Negotiate? As as Orlando Home Buyer you can negotiate pretty much anything...if you are the only person bidding on the property.  Price, terms, deposits, repairs, appliances,  closing costs, title insurance, closing date and even personal property...basi...
What is a Short Sale?  A Short Sale is a property that is being sold for less money than the mortgage that is owed on the property.  The payoff to the bank will be "short". Who owns the Short Sale Home?  Contrary to popular belief, the bank is not the owner, a person (the seller) does.  The bank ...
    Lake Nona Florida 32827 Million Dollar Home Short Sale, now less than 1/2 price!  Yes, that is correct!  Lake Nona Estates in Orlando Florida 32827  has a short sale home listed for a fraction of what it was.  This "Short Sale" property in Lake Nona means that the property is being sold for l...
                                                                     Orlando Real Estate is NOT in the toilet! Yes, I know...that is contrary to what the media says...but what do reporters really know about Orlando home sales other than what a couple of their Orlando Real Estate sources say and w...
   Million Dollar Homes in Winter Park, Florida 32789 Winter Park, Fl. Home Values: Pricey? At an average selling price of almost $300 per square foot, the city of Winter Park. Fl. 32789 is at the top of the list for desirable, upscale...and expensive. Almost 1 out of every 4 homes for sale in Wi...

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