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Forget what you have heard in "broker liability classes"...you know the classes where thy tell you to never recommend a home inspector to the home buyer, to not give a buyer advice, and not to attend home inspections or walk throughs...in fact they say that you should stay arms length so that you...
Ok, so former buyer clients of ours contacted us because they were being transferred to another state and needed to sell their house and wanted our advice.  As an Exclusive Buyer Agency office, we only represent the best interest of the home buyer so the majority of buyers that seek our services ...
  Managing Luxury Homes in Orlando is not the same as general property management.  It takes a white glove touch with a seasoned professional to  personally see to the care of the luxury property with the highest standards. Mike Alexander manages luxury mansions owned by out of town clients.  He ...
Since we are an exclusive buyer agency office that only represents home buyers and never sellers, we do not list property for sale (in order to avoid any conflict of interest).  Occasionally, we get requests to list property from sellers or former clients who will ask for a referral to a listing ...
Ok, I admit it...I prefer to work with men...and no, as a long time married woman, I am not looking for a date. Real Estate is a business and more men treat it as such...strictly business.  The lady realtors....well lets just say many get too emotionally involved.  I don't want the drama, just gi...
Orlando Home Buyers do not need to physically attend closing or the close of escrow.  This is one of the most popular questions that we get from out of town clients or home buyers that are out of the country...when they buy in home in Orlando they assume that they have to fly back to sign the pap...
Only Exclusive Buyers Agents in Orlando can guarantee 100% Loyalty, all the time on all homes.  They will even put that in writing. No one other than an Exclusive Buyer Agent that works in an Exclusive Buyer Agency office can guarantee 100% loyalty or 100% confidentiality...and there are only 3 E...

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