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  Last month I got a call on my  rental home.  The caller asked what my pet policy was because she had a dog.  I said "It depends..."  then she added that her roommate had a "service dog".  I said "That would be a "no"... Her voice got louder and she said "are you saying that you will not rent to...
Central Florida real estate is bouncing back faster than any other area in Florida.  Many times, comparables are lagging behind, which is causing some properties to not appraise for contract price.                                                              Not long ago, one of my contracts rec...
  "Pocket listing" means that a home is not listed in the multiple listing service (MLS) but is instead marketed directly by the broker — it is in that person's "pocket". In many cases there is not even a written agreement, but just a loosey goosey  verbal agreement.  The pocket listing is like a...
There are fake buyers agents among us...you know, the agents that like to use the  label of "buyers agent" without the added responsibility that goes with it. Today home buyers are the ones suing the agent; sellers not so much.  Buyers find suprises after closing;  sellers are glad to be rid of t...
  What is REAL informed Consent in Real Estate?  I cringe when I read comments from agents about how they give the buyer an exclusive representation agreement at the time of contract or a disclosure as to who they really represent after buyer picks the house they want to buy.   It's a bit late d...
Ok, let's talk about home buying reality...no fluff, no baloney, no blue sky... There is no such thing as a Perfect Home...some are larger, smaller, unique, beautiful and upgraded.  Others will have lavish pools and some even have breath taking waterfront views...but NONE will have everything the...
How to cancel a Real Estate Contract. Are you all tied up in a purchase contract that is a mistake? What can you do? First of all, it is always better to protect yourself in your Real Estate offer with contingencies than to try to untie yourself from a contract after you are knotted up to with no...
http://www.orlandobuyersbroker.com/category/blog/ "Farming"  a neighborhood means you plant your marketing seeds and work it for buyer and seller  leads and promote yourself for future business.  Orlando buyers agents do not "farm", they understand and service all areas. I  hear and see a lot of ...
Real Estate Agents, lets get real... Just because you do not like something an agent did, does not not make it "Illegal".  Illegal means "breaking the law".  Working with a buyer or even snatching a buyer away from you is NOT ILLEGAL. In most cases, taking a buyer away from an agent  is not unet...
Orlando Real Estate: Orlando home prices climbed up 24% in 2013.  Homebuyers that were sitting on the fence are now reconsidering... Orlando foreclosures and short sales have decreased while regular normal home sales increased 42%.  Good news for the Orlando Real Estate rebounding better than ano...


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