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Last week during a luncheon meeting I received an urgent message from my sister informing me that my 91 year old Grandmother had passed away. When I got to my car and called her back, she corrected herself and let me know that my grandmother had not passed away, but wasn't expected to live throug...
Is it just me or does Wall Street seem to completely unhinged right now? They haven't a clue what to do in the middle of all of the chaos going on all over the globe. So they're doing what they know best, RUN! And run they do all over the place, scurrying like little mice through a maze and turni...
Something we should have spent some considerable amount of time on  during December was the thought process on what we want to accomplish this year. When I posted one of my blogs last year asking what we were going to do in order to never have another down market, someone responded by telling me ...
As we sit here and reflect on 2008, we get to use our hind sight for something other than watching rear ends. You perverts need to get back to reality here, so pay attention.  Since we now have a new President from a different political party, the news is beginning to show some favor toward next ...

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