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I asked in an e-mail blast yesterday for someone to tell me how "Helicopter Ben" got his name. One of the responses I got was  had a friggin propeller an his head just like the retard he is. Spoken like true Socialist is all I could think. Then I removed them from my e-mail list.Poor Ben is going...
So you thought 2007 was eventful did ya? Well shoot! Dad Gum! Ain't that a hoot?! and all those other "isms" that rednecks in my neck of the woods can thunk up without help from a capital city.Aurora, one of my favorite lenders bit the dust today. Lehman brothers, their parent company pulled the ...
 So Goldman Sachs think their so smart. Pay attention to this because these guys have a pertty good track record for their accuracy. They are stating that unemployment will be at 6.5% by 2009 and that the Fed will lower their rates from the current 4.25% dowen to 2.5%.When I first read this this ...
I was reading my daily market subsriptions today as always this morning. One of the items that popped out at me was the revision to the October home sales being updated to a +3.7% versus an initial report of +0.6%. that's quite a jump given todays real estate cycle. I have't heard a word about it...
It seemed like it took three years for 2007 to get outta here, but it finally made it! YAHOOOOOOOO!! and I ain't talkin websight! I've had some opportunities to chit chat via conference calls and video conference with some of the nations top mortgage minds. They seem to agree that unless somethin...
Well, hopefully we can take a breathe before it hits the fan again, but don't take my word for it. There are still very loud calls for Bernanke to lower the fed dunds rate, after lowering the discount rate last week. A U.S. Senator has summoned Big Ben and wants to know why he hasn't stepped in y...
 WHAT THE HECK IS GOING HERE? It's got to be a friggin conspiracy of gargantuan proprtions. Who released the hounds on this industry anyways? This is bigger than that vast right wing conspiracy Hillary was whining about years back. Okay, maybe that's a bad analagy but even still, what the heck is...
With the media yelling and screaming about how aweful ewverything is right now, it's a nice thing to know that they are all full of it. Our housing market has been, and continues to basically go sideways, with monir movements up or down. Don't get caught up in the hooey when they scream at the to...

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