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Hi Active Rain community,Before I post this in the referral section, I wanted to contact and talk to 2 or 3 agents about representing a client I have moving from Ft Bragg to the DC area.  I'm looking for someone that share the same vision as me and who is relentless in getting the job done.  It w...
A referral.  The best compliment we can receive right?  So how do we get our clients to give us the name and number of their trusted friends, family and colleagues?  I'll share what I do if you'll share what you do..and maybe together we'll come up with a nice list of things to do with all our cl...
Hi everyone,I found out some great information last night and I wanted to share it with you!I'm giving my friend Lily Nguyen a plug here.  I just found out she helps people find office space in Tysons Corner.  These are phenomial rates for office space and we get paid QUICK.  The commission for r...
Hi guys, I post everywhere...never know where your next buyer is going to come from.  Tina, if you have more to add, lets copy and paste each other's blogs to keep a current "master list going."  Hope this helps you guys!  I've picked up buyers from craigslist, zillow, and trulia last year and I'...
Hello everyone.In 2007, I lost 8 buyers to renting.  I analyzed their situation and for most who were staying in our area for only a 2 year job assignmet or who was looking to capture huge real estate gains as we did through 2005; I told them my honest opinion and suggest that they rent.  As I ha...
So you want to sell in this crazy unstable market and you're not sure if it's better to wait the market out or sell now. Let me give you some insight on some different strategies you can implement NOW and take control of your real estate portfolios."Regular Sale"Sell it as you regularly would...y...
How do you see your market perform for the next few years?  Do you think your area (please name) will have appreciation?  Remain flat?  or Depreciate?  And Why do you think that?Here is what I see for the DC Metro Area...Because of the influx of foreclosures, I see it devastating any appreciation...
Why aren't we more efficient? I think personally what prevents me from being more efficient is 1st, always needing to be in control and 2nd, not utilizing technology as I should.  Here's what I do for efficiency:- Laptop w/ broadband card - PDA phone to check email- Electronic Fax- Zipforms for f...
I am in search of 1 or 2 more agent to add to my real estate team.  My team and I operate out of my office in Arlington VA and we predominately work by referral only, covering as far south as King George County and as far west as Winchester.  I am looking for an agent with the desire to make it i...
So you have a past client call you up asking you for advice...they can't handle their mortgage any longer and they've depleted their savings trying to keep up with all the bills.  You ask them a series of questions and determine that a short sale would be a good solution.  Now what?Most real esta...

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