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The real estate and mortgage markets have certainly had their ups and downs
Have you been thinking of starting a Facebook fan page to increase branding of your name, company, or organization?  Do you really know the do's and don'ts of fan page construction?  It can be time consuming and tricky BUT very much worth it in the end.  Just like MLM your fan page can build with...
1st off......who are you to say it isn't?  You definately need to talk to a mortgage professional and have a tri-merge credit pull done.  Why a tri-merge?   Banks will always look at all 3 of your credit scores and use the median score to determine your creditworthiness. 2nd.......with banks tigh...
If you have been sitting on the fence thinking about buying your first home for 6 months ~ a year ~ 2 years and wondered if home ownership is for you.......walk to the nearest mirror and smack yourself silly!!    Home values have never been lower! There is an over abundance of foreclosures! Rates...
If you haven't already read numerous rightups about the housing market and mortgage rates and charted them all out you will find the window of time to capitalize on seriously profitable home buying power is slowly closing.  Not to say that you shouldn't buy down the road, but if you want the larg...
 have spent my entire professional career in the mortgage industry spanning some 15 years now.  When I first started, it was the oldest of "old school" deal-getting skills.  I would literally start my day with a new letter in the alphabet in my local phone book and start calling.  Rates were in t...
Just a friendly matter the weather hold those houses open!!  We just got 5 inches of snow here in St Louis and I worked an open house with an agent I work with alot and sure enough we had decent traffic and we both landed 6 new buyers in one day.  As we got the vacant house I to...

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