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Old Uncle Bob, gets a lot of work all over the country... he must work cheap or he has a lot of Nieces and Nephews! Almost all the Home Inspectors that post here on Active Rain see his work. I saw some of his handy work yesterday. It was a vacant house, when I got there I checked to make sure the...
There has been quite a bit of talk lately about gutters here on Active Rain. I have even blogged about them as well. The need and the reasoning for having them is unquestionable. We all know that letting water pour off of your roof and splash onto the soil that is the foundation of your home is n...
I did an inspection for a couple yesterday... for the third time! They have been searching for that special home in a special community. I told them I hope I haven't been the one discouraging them from buying the homes they select! I think they are satisfied with the reports I have given them, ea...
I think I shared with some of you how I spent the bulk of my New Years Eve this year. I sat in a car dealership. My girlfriend decided she needed to take advantage of the "End Of The Year Sale" they were promoting. Can't get much closer to the end of the year than that! So we finally got out of t...
I went out yesterday to do a re-inspection on a house I inspected last week. There was a "minor oversight" by the builder... they didn't insulate the attic! None! I would say they overlooked it for sure. If those people had not gotten a Home Inspection on their new home, they would have gone thro...
While on an Inspection yesterday, I made my way into the half bath downstairs. I was checking out the toilet, I pulled the lid off of the tank. It looked pretty normal so I flushed it. Whoa! The water squirted straight up in the air! Being the fastest camera in the southeast, I quickly opened my...
I did an inspection on a new home today, the house was built by (yes, them). Everything was looking pretty good... then I got up on the roof.   I noticed that they had installed ridge vents, good! Wait... they installed ridge vents AND a box vent! WOW, double your pleasure! So when I got into the...
This is a great post from John McCormACK! He is so right, something as little as this can really make your day, and make it seem like everything is going your way! Go to John's post for comments. Great post John!! Sometimes a special note can make someones day.  Take today for example as I steppe...
It's a beautiful day outside today, we have been blessed with some wonderful weather lately! Some would complain it's too hot for this time of year, and it's tropical for sure. The last week or so in the lower 80's.... pretty sweet to me! Lot's of things going on in the Tampa Bay Area right now! ...
Believe it or not, there are still many, many homes that do not have gutters installed. I believe it is a must. it is a good idea to get that water off of your roof as soon as possible, and to be channeled to a place that is not near your homes foundation. Our friend Mr. Shakespeare would agree I...

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