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Do you guys like spicy hot food? I like the taste of it, but my pipes do not cooperate. I guess I need to toughen them up a little so they are like leather inside!  So, for all you hot foodies... coming up on March 6th is the 27th Annual National Fiery Foods & Barbeque Show here in Albuquerque! I...
Some things you can take for granted, take it to the bank! Then sometimes you just say Hmmm. Well I ran across just one of those moments. Whenever I am performing an inspection I always start on the exterior of the house and work my way in. It can give you a good perspective of what is going on w...
We had our first ever Active Rain Meetup in Albuquerque today at El Pinto Restaurant. First ever! I had a lot of interest, and a few cancellations... business comes before pleasure! You have to crawl before you walk, and we were certaily crawling today. Rich Cederberg joined me for lunch, we had ...
We are getting close to our Active Rain Meetup day here in Albuquerque! It is this Wednesday (1/21) @1pm at El Pinto,10500 4th Street NW. Albuquerque. All Active Rainers in our area, please make your best effort to attend! This will be the maiden voyage of Meetups in our area, we want to represen...
What else can be said or written about improperly installed water heaters? Every Home Inspector on Active Rain has probably written about the ones they have found that are improperly installed, not maintained, leaking, etc… a multitude of times. I have written quite a few blogs about them myself....
Throw Back Thursday... sometimes it makes you smile, sometimes it makes you frown! In this case, the latter is true! Back in 2001 we decided to build a pool. It was the second time I had one built, I went back to the people that built the first one for me because they did such a great job. But th...
There's something to be said about a man that is handy. Ladies, if you're looking for a man, why not find one that can be handy around the house? He can fix anything that may come up, from the car all the way to the roof... anything!  I kind of think of myself that way. Jack of all trades, master...
I don't know if any of you have had to replace your garage door opener lately, but there are some really sweet products out there now that make our garage doors more secure and help to remind us if you left it open or not. I will not use any manufacturers names, but there are several manufacturer...
There are lots of cool things to do here in Albuquerque. One of my favorites so far is to ride the Tramway to the top of Sandia Peak and have dinner at High Finance, the restaurant at the top of the mountain. The elevation at the top is 10,378 feet!  The Sandia Peak Tramway was built by a Swiss c...

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