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I did an inspection the other day on an existing home built in 1990. It was a nice home in a quiet subdivision in Rio Rancho. The home was vacant, I like to inspect vacant homes because there is usually no "stuff" as I like to call it hiding things. There were some problems, but I would like to t...
This is not my picture, I saw it on facebook and thought it was cool. I'm sure a lot of you saw it there. After studying it closely I wondered if I could handle living there! I mean, the view is spectacular, but I'm not sure I would be comfortable in that bottom bedroom hanging over that cliff! I...
I had an inspection the other day in Rio Ranco. Rio Rancho is part of the Albuquerque metropolitan area. It is also the third largest city in the state and one of the fastest expanding areas. This house was built in 1990, which means it is 25 years old. That is not a bad thing, I think I would ra...
Over this past week I have shared one of my inspections on a newly constructed home. The house is four months old. The previous blogs that associate with this blog are here: Dream home from Hell, and, Can you play a tune on that thing? This builder is irresponsible, they have made some repairs to...
 I'm not sure where I ran across this picture, I think a friend sent it to me on Facebook. I thought it so unique I wanted to share! I was told that the Woodpeckers greatest natural enemy was the Weasel. Now maybe someone here in the Rain can confirm that, I have never heard it. Seems strange to ...
Last week I wrote about a new home I was doing an inspection on. My client is having a hard time getting repairs done. That blog is here. There really is quite a list of things they are fighting to have done! The amazing thing to me is why they are having to fight to get obvious deficiencies repa...
I got a call from a woman the other day that wanted me to do an inspection for her. She had just moved into her new "Dream Home" about 4 month ago. As she described it... 4 months of HELL! Since she has moved in, the contractor has had to do constant repairs. Water leaks between the first and sec...
Sometimes words cannot express what is going on in a picture.... sometimes you don't need words to express what's going on in a picture. This is one of those pictures. What you're actually seeing is a icemaker water supply line... without a shut off valve, pinched and stuck behind the cabinet pul...
When I arrived at the home for inspection, the owner told me that they were having a "turrible" bug problem they was not able to get a handle on. They have sprayed, left traps, and still! I acknowledged and started doing my thing. Well... it didn't take me too long to see where the problem could ...
I have written about clutter many times, and so has every other Home Inspector here on Active Rain. It still amazes me that people would not care enough about the sale of their home... which was their idea in the first place(most of the time) to make sure there are no snags and the transaction is...

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