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I had an inspection the other day in one of Albuquerques coolest and most prestigious neighborhoods. It's in Sandia Heights in the foothills. It is at the base of Sandia Peak, over 10,000 feet elevation. Very spacious and natural settings, gorgeous views over the city of Albuquerque.The Owner of ...
Laughing at others misfortunes... it could happen to you! We all have had times that we wish we could get a "Do Over"... I'm betting this horse wishes he could turn back the clock a little bit! But remember, it could happen to you Mr. Cow!!  I think this Cow is enjoying this a little too much, an...
I had an inspection recently in Rio Rancho. For those of you that doesn't know where Rio Rancho is, it's the 3rd largest city in New Mexico and adjacent to Albuquerque, making this a very large area! Intel has a manufacturing plant there that is probably responsible for most of the economic growt...
Recently, my Son was over to the house and we were working on our motorcycles. We had left the door open between the garage and the house, with the large garage door open as well. I heard the buzzing and pounding sound coming from inside the house. A Hummingbird had flown into the house and he wa...
There are lots of people in our society that smoke cigarettes. I am not judgmental, but if you choose to smoke in your house, you're going to have a hard time selling it to someone who does not smoke! I would think that these days the non-smokers outnumber the smokers, so you are literally cuttin...
Inspected a beautiful house the other day in the Sandia Foothills, awesome views 360 degrees! There were really no issues with the house, just small stuff that needed to be cleaned up.One of those issues was someone used the wrong screws in the electrical panel dead front. What you say? Just a co...
There is an area here around UNM (University of New Mexico) that is very popular to live in. It is chic, cool, hip, sweet... to live there. Problem is the houses in that area are over 80 years old. Not that it is a bad thing to own a 80 year old house, you just better know what you're getting int...
I had an inspection last week in a historical section of Albuquerque called Nob Hill. Nob Hill is adjacent to UNM (University of New Mexico). It is a mile long stretch on Central Ave., which is also Route 66. Lots of unique shops (and people), trendy restaurants and chic nightspots. Very cool are...
Only TWO more days till Active Rain Spring Meetup! Our meeting will be this Wednesday, May 13th @1:00PM at Casa de Benavidez! The restaurant is located at: 8032 4th St NW, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87114Casa de Benavidez has a 50 year old tradition, Paul and Rita Benavidez's dream of serving...
We have all seen or heard of the TV show Flipper... I am probably showing my age here but the show ran from 1964 to 1967. The term "Flipper" has also been given to an investor that buys distressed homes, fixes them up, and "flips" them for a quick profit. Like in any other profession, there are g...

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