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In this buyer's market, we need to help as many folks as possible. There is a program right now that allows a buyer with only a 590 score to get 100% financing. It works like this: 95% Freedom Forgiveness Loan 5% Seller held second.The neat thing is seller can also pay all closing costs! So you c...
The Late Great Florida Insurance Rip Off!    Time to start a revolt...    Ever since the hurricanes in 2004 and 2005, insurance companies in Florida have been looking for ways to screw the public.    They have no trouble taking our money in good times. But when they have to fix our destroyed home...
 To read the first entry in this series on dealing with divorce, go here: http://activerain.com/blogsview/119483/Dealing-with-Divorce-AndWhile a divorce attorney is important, the right attorney is crucial. With regards to retirement plans, these assets are legally divided using a Qualified Domes...
I can't find a single sould to admit to liking her. Who is her base? I asked a table full of democratic women if they would vote for her and to my surprise, every one said no. When asked why they responded that they didn't trust her? How can it be? Someone must like her and be willing to go on re...
ORLANDO, FL - When a marriage "goes south" lives are changed forever. What doesn't have to change are the credit scores you've tried, so hard, to achieve.With all of the mistrust, and bruised feelings, it's nearly impossible to know how the fallout will damage the credit of one or both parties.  ...
  I've heard several pundits say America is brain dead over this Paris Hilton jail drama. I submit that this national intrigue is actually a sign of an advanced society.Here's why. It's about the rule of law. It's about laws applying to some rich bimbo the same way they apply to you and I. And ho...
Here's something I'm passionate about: Copywriting. I've literally run ads that have cost me $271 but have brought in $30,000 in income -- from one single ad! There are dozens of great books on the subject, but here's a quick tip. Always make sure your ads concentrate on the buyer and what's in i...
 Dear ActiveRain community: Man it's confusing. Where do I go to learn about tags, and stars, and tag clouds, and groups and all the other stuff you should know about this forum. I really appreciate anyone willing to help a newb out. Thanks in advance to all. Is there a tutorial or a new subscrib...
  I still kick myself for waiting as long as I did. Your clients want to hear from you more than you know. The problem is most people put this off thinking it's just a nice thing to do: keep in touch with my clients and sphere. I'm telling you it's more than that... it is outright GOLD!Having sta...
I Ate An Avocado For Breakfast             I don't know exactly what compelled me. I hadn't bought an avocado in years. But then I bought one, and the next day I ate it for breakfast. I cut it in half, rotated the pit with my knife and scooped it out with a large spoon. Then I put some salt and k...

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