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Person number 1 Person number 2 Person number 1 just did the few basics to get their credit to a position to secure their funding.  They may or may not have paid all their debt down,  or removed all negative credit history.  They took the first step and we congratulate them for it.25% of our cust...
Many people have paypal, but they don't know some important things about your credit.When you signup with a Paypal account, you should of read their terms, which discusses some things but many things are not disclosed.A Credit Check?The first is through credit report inquiries. According to the P...
People desperate for credit, flood our support centers with statements like this or "I need a large amount of credit." In todays informational blog we will talk about what you need.First of all we have to divide people into different kinds of groups.There are people with1) Excellent Credit2) Good...
Hello  credit seekersYou can get approved for credit regardless of your credit status.  We are flooded with thousands of emails asking for help. I need a 10,000 credit card, and I need a business loan.  But, my credit is not so good.  What do I do ?Be PatientThis is the first step A lifetime of c...
Found this article about how the Government knowingly allows Paypal to operate in violation of hundreds of laws.  Paypal did not respond to the article because they have included all paypal users from 2006 to 2016 in a settlement, without their permission, and unless the user (or paypal merchant)...
Paypal does not want you or your mortgage broker/loan officer to help you improve your credit scorePaypal Inc (PYPL) not only will shutdown any user, or business that works for a finanical firm, mortgage firm, real estate firm, or bank, they also prohibit users from with not so perfect credit fro...
We are giving away a over night duffle bag like this for ladies or gentlemen.  We want to help your credit improve, so when you purchase more than $250.00 in services on our sites, we will send you a bag like this. Your credit can be improved and the best way to improve your score is our tradelin...
Over 197 points on Experian and 180 points on Equifax !This client is celebrating, and now in the process of getting her new home.  Thanks to our FDIC backed Tradeline, the top is yesterday's pull, the bottom when she started.  She spoke with her mortgage broker today to pull and the scores were ...
Well it is that time for family, fun, travel, and work.  But relaxation comes in many forms.  Here are some simple steps to take while summer is quickly passing by. 1) Go online to myfico   and check out your scores2) Have a garage sale, or yard sale to put some money together (or sell some thing...
So maybe it's time you also take a look at what we have to offer.   Tradelines, Credit cards, LoansCredit Restoration From Credit Restoration, to tradelines, to securing your retirement, or setting up emergency  and planning savings accounts, or learning how to earn passive income. we can help wi...

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