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Is Your Foundation Under A "Crack Attack"?- Encinitas Home Inspection One of the biggest concerns my clients have may be foundation cracks. If the foundation has problems, the entire structure may be adversely affected. But are all foundation cracks "deal breakers"? Not necessarily. Let's talk ab...
Crack Attack!- San Diego Home Inspection  Did you ever stop and think of all the cracks we Inspectors see on a daily basis? It's enough to crack you up! I even count cracks in my sleep at night! Cracks are complex creatures and are often misunderstood. Every crack, whether large or small, needs t...
San Diego Home Inspection- Benefits Of Buffy's Blue Suede Shoes  Our 2-year-old Maltese, Buffy, just got a set of blue suede shoes! Buffy loves to go on runs through our community, but his feet are all black when he gets back home, so "Mommy" bought him a set of shoes the other day. We were rolli...
A permit check should always be done when buying a home. Here's some great advice from Dan Phillips, a Realtor in Eureka, CA. Thanks Dan! Please go leave a comment on Dan's original post. One of the suggestions I make to buyers is to check with the Building and Planning Department to see if there...
 Congratulations! You searched and searched and finally found your dream home! Do you realize the importance of a home inspection before you buy? This may be one of your largest purchases ever. Would you buy a car without giving it a test drive? Of course not! Doesn't it make sense to have a set ...
The Mount Soledad Cross- La Jolla, California I just conducted a La Jolla home inspection not far from the Mount Soledad cross and War Memorial. After finishing the inspection, I took a few moments to stop at the site and take in the beautiful vistas of the surrounding terrain. It is one of my fa...
Have you been asked about discounting your fees in exchange for a promise of future business? "If this works out well, I have A LOT more work to send your way. Take that into consideration when sending me your quote." I used to have a bad habit of actually believing what people told me. That's no...
Craig Snead, a real estate investor from Dearborn Heights, MI talks about ICE on your cell phone. It can save your life! Thanks for the information, Craig!Safety Tip:   Do you have ICE on your cell phone? You should... This is not the same as having your phone on ice. ICE is an acronym for In Cas...
  These home inspection tips show how to protect the siding and foundation of your San Diego home. Whether your home is built on a slab or a raised foundation, it comes in contact with the soil at some point. The foundation is obviously in contact with the ground, but all siding materials should ...
Don't let your garage/house separation burn your home down! Many house fires begin in an attached garage. A multitude of flammable materials are commonly found in garages including gasoline, motor oil, brake fluid, paint and solvents. These fluids may also create explosive vapors. A garage often ...

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