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We have built a National listing website that needs listings from agents across the country to help build the site and are now offering free membership to agents that want to help us build it. You can load all you listings for free and have unlimited use of the virtual tour software.  There is no...
Are your professional fees getting out of hand? I can not think of another industry which charges its members more for doing buisness than real estate!! How did we get here? Are all the fees and dues we pay needed? This totals thousands of dollars a year!! Why do we let this happen? Somebody help...
Is your MLS charging you too much for what you get? I posted Friday and only received 2 comments!! Every time I talk to an agent about this I usually get an ear full why not now? The more we bring this to the forefrount the quicker maybe as agroup we can do something about it.
   MLS fees are getting way out of hand. Did you know they are for profit franchises? Why can't real estate agents in any given market create their own non-profit MLS system. With today's technology it would seem to me that the costs would be considerably less and control would be in the hands of...
Looking for feed back on your local associations. Are you happy with them? Are the costs too high for what you get? Do you wish you had an alternative? Give me some feedback. There may be some alternatives. Is the cost of being a real estate agent getting out of hand? There seems to be so many ex...
Ok, The holidays have come and gone. Its time to take action for 2009. Have you devised a game plan for the new year? Does it include doing things that you really didn't do last year? The old saying " Work smarter not harder" I think that applies more today than ever before. The challenge for all...
For things that were bad and ugly and heart wrenching in 2008. May they be only a memory with the hope of better things to come in 2009.
 I have been a lions fan my whole life. I have sat in front of the TV week in and week out and watched the lions play. I have never given up on them and even with this historical achievement of going 0-16 I will still be a lions fan. Can't help it. I have so many fond memories growing up as a kid...
Now until the end of the year AdvantageML.com is offering half off its 1 year membership of $ 99.00!!! That's $ 50.00 for a 1 year membership to a website that allows you to post all your listings and unlimited use of their Virtual tour software!!! This is a deal. Check them out at advantageml.co...
I live in West Michigan and right now were getting a bit of snow, I think the weatherperson said 2 inches an hour!!! I love my state I love the seasons shoot I even love the poor Lions!!! This year my New Years resolution is going to be balance! I will play as much as I work. I will put as much e...

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