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    As bad as it  may seem out there in the economy. I believe things are going to start turning around sooner than later. All these so called experts are saying second quarter of 09 based solely on past histories.    The great thing about all the so called experts is that none of them have ever ...
I am looking for agents that are not using Virtual Tour technology.  Do you use this technology?  If not, great, I would like to introduce you to a very inexpensive, fun and easy to use, top shelf, do it yourself program.  I can also show you how to use this program to get as many listings and bu...
Yes, were in a bit of a down market. Yes, we sorta kinda maybe a little bit did it to the country with the way we conducted ourselves as real estate agents within the housing markets. Every last one of us thought of or should of said something to someone along the line when we were trying to get ...
We are looking for agents that are proactive and looking for more listings both buyer and seller.  
Looking for agents around the country that need more listings. If you are taking a wait and see approach to see when things turn around, this is not for you. I'm looking for agents that are proactive and want to gain listings in their market. Unique marketing approach that has been working. If yo...
I am looking for agents that need more listings. I will show you how.
Have you ever ask yourself what your customers think about you? Have you ever ask yourself what you wanted your customers to think about you? I know I've always wanted them to like me and believe that I was doing a good job for them. I want them to believe that I was the best choice. I want them ...
So, Has anyone check this website out yet?
A new  website that has just launched is catching on like wild fire. AdvantageML.com is starting to get some real attention since I last talked about the site. They have come up with some pretty cool things that they are going to be doing for agents and brokers and since they have just launch, th...
I'm sure some of you probably know the story and I may not tell it the way you heard, but I have gained alot of wisdom from it; There once was this little sparrow who loved life and loved to play and sing with all his friends and never wanted to missout on anything and as the days of summer turne...

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