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That’s wonderful indeed! This cool option helps me to control my weight wherever I am! I like to take this technical miracle with me to the gym – it is very convenient to count calories while training! I like to compare the results of training apparatus with the estimates of this All-In Fitness P...
The purchases of houses or the houses which are near foreclosures in North Miami Beach recently have increased in the area. It’s one of the highest figures in the history. This is the trend which shows the tendency to falling prices, which can help many people who have some cash to buy a new hous...
Lots of houses in Miami Beach, Florida have been on sale since the autumn and some reports say that some house prices have increased on the seasonal base, but as they promise there will be a decline soon. Real estate companies predict the decline and they announce that some metro areas have enter...
Some people ask whether it is necessary to list a house for sale by owner in MLS. The answer is ‘Definitely, yes!’ More than 86% of potential buyers obtain agents to search for a house. For most realtors the MLS is the first tool for finding options. Moreover, when you list your property you are...
Today I think that nobody will deny that financial crisis impacted almost every industry of the world economy. But in the real estate industry it did the greatest harm as we can see. It has eliminated the stability and people’s beliefs in that stability that was usually associated with the real e...
As today’s lending standards require higher credit scores and larger down payments than in the recent past, it’s more important than ever for buyers to be pre-approved for a mortgage before starting the home shopping process. Here’s why: * Knowing exactly how much money you can qualify to borrow ...
A Property tax Calculator Added to Fizber.com for Consumers. Miami Beach, FL (PRWEBFizber.com) September 2, 2008 — When relocating to a new area or purchasing that second home, there are often questions which arise regarding the single word feared by many Americans… Taxes! Fizber.com launched a P...
You might assume that with home purchases and new mortgage volume off by 30 percent or more in many markets during the past year, loan fraud would be down as well. Wrong. A bench mark quarterly study released Aug. 25 by the mortgage industry’s principal compiler of fraud reports, the Mortgage Ass...
MANHATTAN—A former real estate executive at Max Capital Management Corporation has been charged with stealing more than $17 million from a panoply of banks and individuals. The defendant, Adam Hochfelder, 37, of East 96th St., New York, has been indicted on six counts of first degree grand larcen...
With gas prices high, bicycles flying out of stores and a buyers’ market for houses, a handful of real estate agents around the country are touting the two-wheeled appeal of their listings. Some even show houses exclusively by bike, wheeling through the neighborhood with potential buyers to show ...

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