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Ive been out of town and worked maybe 3 days on my new site farms for sale!  The site I am actually having built for me as it is a little of of my league on what I need done.  So I simply posted a wordpress site, built some links and poof!!  Came back from my vacation and I am a PR 2!!  Also rank...
I am in process of developing a national real estate website for selling farms/land etc...  I would like to have one partner company or officer...  I am investing a ton of money into my site and need a proven 3rd party to help with the leads.  Ideal candidate: 1.  Must pay X amount per lead - as ...
I just spent a lot of money on a simple domain name...   I want to know if the activerain community thinks its a good idea or bad idea...  (no site on it right now.... give me time)
Dallas Photographers are some of the best people that we as real estate agents need to get involved with as they can help us sell our homes and get them moved...  I urge other real estate professionals to use Dallas Photographers.  They are the best photographers in the industry and will do whate...
This has nothing to do with real estate, its a tribute to a firefighter lost in 9/11.  Its about 3 minutes long, however, it is the most touching thing I have ever seen / heard, and please post comments here on what you thought of the video...
If you need some pictures taken of a home that you are trying to sell or of a potential home, then give us a call today and let us know.  We have experienced Dallas Photographers that can take wonderful pictures of your listings and thus help you get them sold.  If you have 10 or more listings th...
So I have tried a few idx products, and I like them for the most part.  But I need one that stands above the rest.  One that converts better, has more features, etc...  What I am really looking for, is one that automatically saves the clients first search and sends it to their email addresses aut...
I'm looking to get a little bit of feedback from other realtors around the nation.   Do you have a website that is ranked high for a big keyword in your area?  Example: Chicago realtors, little rock real estate, etc?  If you have a high google ranking website, I would like to know a little bit ab...
I have been a real estate agent for about 4 years now.  In the time that I have been doing it, I have noticed that some listings have TERRIBLE pictures.  However, the listings that have professional pictures taken by photographers in dallas stand above the rest!  People, you need to either take g...
So i recently started taking up a fun hobby of photography in the Dallas area.  It is quite entertaining.  I've noticed that there are about as many Dallas Tx Photographers in the area, as there are realtors.  Which is quite a bit, the industry seems to be just as competitive as this one.  Dallas...

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