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Mortgage Banking is ever-changing and I enjoy keeping my referral partners and past clients appraised of all aspects of how to use financing to build wealth. As a CMA (Certified Mortgage Advisor) you can look to me to answer all your questions on how to best finance your real estate holdings. I will show you have to maximize your wealth through acquiring real estate. Michael



If you are a real estate professional in the West Palm Beach area you may want to attend a free Center Stage Workshop where the featured speaker will be Dirk Zeller.  It is from 9am until 1pm and is an event that was filled last year and more than likely will be this year as well.  I will have a ...
FHA has announced they have extended their temporary property flipping wiaver on forclosures! FHA's 90 day seasoning exemption that was set to expire on June 8th, 2009 has been extended to May 10th, 2010!  This is great news.  Basically the old rule that was suspended last year held that if selle...
With the new FHA tax credit of up to $8,000.00 we will kick up the month with a bang!  After a false start a few weeks ago, it looks like it for real now.  This means that FHA 203k loans will also benefit.  Looking forward to helping everyone navigate the opportunity.  Just like the low mortgage ...
Wow, 2 crazier days in the mortgage business I cannot remember!  With 3 unscheduled rate changes for the bad on Thursday, we had 3 unscheduled rate changes for the good on Friday.  The bond market ended the week even but what a roller coaster!  Mortgage Rates are around 5.25% now on the 30 yr fix...
Nothing strikes fear into a mortgage bankers heart than those 3 words when it happens during the day.  Actually it is when it is for worsening prices that hurt most.  We do get changes for the better at times as well and that is a good thing.  What happened yesterday was brutal as we had 3 times ...
As I thought yesterday the mortgage rates are up again.  It seems that they are heading higher day after day now.  Once the trend starts it is going to be tough to stop.  Why are they going up?  2 words sum it up, Supply and Demand.  Too much supply of mortgage bonds and not enough demand.  Now t...
This week was a very bad week for mortgage rates as they went up about .25% in just the last 2 days of the week.  I am not to optomistic in the short term now that the Government bond market was torn apart last leek.  The supply of new debt was too much as the Fed buying was light in face of that...

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