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Mortgage Banking is ever-changing and I enjoy keeping my referral partners and past clients appraised of all aspects of how to use financing to build wealth. As a CMA (Certified Mortgage Advisor) you can look to me to answer all your questions on how to best finance your real estate holdings. I will show you have to maximize your wealth through acquiring real estate. Michael



More changes are coming out on Monday that you need to be aware of for you and your clients.  These changes represent a continued tightening in credit policy.  One is related to conventional loans with mortgage insurance (lender paid or borrower paid).  The new minimum credit score is 680 on any ...
The mortgage market had another strong week.  Mortgage rates lower by about an 1/8% in rate compared to last week.  The week included 2 unscheduled price changes for the better on Thursday after the FED meeting on Wednesday.  They signaled steady as she goes with FED funds!  In a rare occurrence ...
Wow, I have say last week when it was announced in the Wall St Journal that only 12,000 people have been able to close under the HARP program from the new Prez.  Not so bad for those 12,000 people but it was touted to help between 4,000,000 and 5,000,000 people!  What a shame.  The program parame...
Mortgage rates had a good week for the first week in the last 4.  The week was really rocking until yesterday when the wheels started to come off.  We lost ground right after pricing was set on Wednesday and we got much worse on Thursday.  This morning was continuing the lower trend when at midda...
As I mentioned on Friday the 12th we had 2 days in a row of unscheduled price changes for the better!  Well we can make that 4 days in a row now.  We are now down to 5.5% with 1 point for our 30 yr fixed.  That is down a full 1/2% from last week.  As the stock market tanks, the bond market gains ...
I have now heard from 3 of my best REO agents that I work with that the number of BPO's that they were asked to do this week jumped dramatically.  I know I have been hearing that the number of foreclosures would be jumping now that the Obama moratorium has been lifted. It seems this may now be pl...
Well to end the week the FED is in buying again.  Right on cue to bring rates down by a .375% in rate for the week.  Wahoo!!!  5.625% on the 30 yr fixed with 1 point is where we end the week and that is a much better number than where we began.  Even though this morning on CNBC the talk was that ...
With today's unscheduled price change for the better, (the first in about 2 weeks) I am wondering if a change is in the offing.  Sure seems like it now that the media has realized what I have been saying for 2 weeks.  That being that we had seen the lows for the summer. I ddin't expect the Fed to...
It seems as if the bleeding in the bond market just won't stop.  Today we had 2 unscheduled price changes for worsening pricing.  It is just something that we are seeing day after day and the effect is that rates are now very close to 6% on the 30 yr fixed.  The supply keeps coming from the gover...
I am sure that keeping deals together is one of the tougher aspects of what we are faced with right now.  One problem that seems to be happening more and not less is contracts with very short time frames to close.   I have never seen so many.  These short time frames are on contracts that are com...

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