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Mortgage Banking is ever-changing and I enjoy keeping my referral partners and past clients appraised of all aspects of how to use financing to build wealth. As a CMA (Certified Mortgage Advisor) you can look to me to answer all your questions on how to best finance your real estate holdings. I will show you have to maximize your wealth through acquiring real estate. Michael
I am often asked why so many potential homebuyers in Florida are not aware of the great downpayment assitance programs available in our great state of Florida.  I find it a bit confusing myself.  Part of the problem in my opinion is that most Loan Originators would rather work on bigger loans.  O...
Actually it never really went out of style in my opinion.  It is just that is is a very under utilized mortgage program.  Why then is the title of my blog the declaration that the FNMA Homestyle is back in style?  It is because the FNMA Homepath renovation loan no longer exists.  Living and worki...
Florida Housing Finance Corporation offers a Mortgage Credit Certificate Program.  I just became recertified to offer this program again now that I am working for Eagle Home Mortgage and they offer this unique and little known program.  I am so excited to be able to offer it once again to my clie...
Being new to Jupiter Florida back in 2005 I find these ideas great.  Even though I am in the mortgage business, when you are new to a market you need a plan and you must work that plan.  Kudos to Tammie!What I Learned My First Year Doing Open Houses These days, I'm not doing many open houses. The...
Here is a updated video on how to get the most google ranking from your Active Rain blogs by boosting your SEO power.  The tips are easy to implement.   MikeThe SEO Blogging Checklist on ActiveRain Watch the 13.5 minute video clip of ActiveRain Community Evangelist Bob Stewart explaining how the ...
The King of All Media has made a major purchase in our lovely part of the world this week.  Reported price was 52 Million.  I wonder if he will now move her to save on state income taxes.  Maybe he will even start to perform his radio station from West Palm Beach?
Great blog that shows what is at stake in the valuable internet space of real estate listings.  should be great to watch how it turns out.Bravo to Edina Realty in Minnesota, they have put their large foot down and have decided to reign-in the real estate listing aggregation systems that are compe...
Liz and Bill bring up a great program with Lowes in this blog.  I also want everyone to be aware of their support of the 203k program through their partnership with RebuildUSAWant 10% off at Lowe's?  Work With a REALTOR®! Have you ever bought or sold a home and NOT had some home improvement work ...
Albert is an Angel, however if you ask many fans of the World Champion Cardinals, the devil made him do it.  The devil on his shoulder was the king's ransom the Angels gave him to leave the greatest baseball city in America.  He is quoted as saying it was never the money!  Hmmm.......  Sorry I a...

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