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Mortgage Banking is ever-changing and I enjoy keeping my referral partners and past clients appraised of all aspects of how to use financing to build wealth. As a CMA (Certified Mortgage Advisor) you can look to me to answer all your questions on how to best finance your real estate holdings. I will show you have to maximize your wealth through acquiring real estate. Michael
Here is a great blog that examines how many ways we can use active rain and our fellow members at active rain to make money, share advice and have fun at it. MikeThis has been a great week, and I am truly singing in the Rain!  It started out with a note from another Rainer with listing opportunit...
As we tick towards the end of July, more and more mortgage industry professionals are leaving the industry.  It is surreal to see people in the industry 20-30 years choosing to leave or being forced to leave due to the new licensing requirements.  It is a great feeling to feel this breath of fres...
Good information from a local Palm Beach County attorney regarding an aspect of the short sale process that few peole see.  This is seen more in our market than other markets around the country that haven't suffered the housing the effects of the housing bubble meltdown like we have.It is not too...
Silver continues to race higher and will soon blow past it's all time high of $50 per oz.  When will the ride stop?  As we continue to ruin our credit rating with the bickering back and forth by our politicians it doesn't seem like anytime soon.  Trying to explain to most why our dollars buy less...
The mortgage business will never be the same.  If your not aware yet, you will be in the next few weeks.  April 1st is the day that many of the new provisions of Dodd-Frank financial reform kick in.  Already, you may be seeing less loan officers than in recent years.  Maybe you thought it was bec...
Each day I get up to get my bearings in the financial markets and it seems like an extended Groundhog day.  With our central bank in the mortgage market and the bond market, stocks and bonds have lost their historical relationships.  This has been going on since the economic crises of 2008.  My c...
I am happy to say I own some Silver and Gold.  I wish I owned more than I do of course.  I do think we go higher here as our dollar continues to be a flawed currency.    
I was looking at my charts today and I noticed that the lumber market is continuing to rock higher.  I predicted this in my blog last November which you can see by clicking on this link, lumber blog.  Here is a chart that is very impressive.  
I love this blog because many people I have seen struggle with blogging don't seem to be going long tail enough to see results and become discouraged.How do you know which keywords you should focus on and which keywords are going to make your phone ring with a prospective client?  The keywords yo...
Are you finding Linkedin is becoming a bigger part of your world?  I am.  It seems like more and more people are finding me on Linkedin.  Almost every day my email has someone new asking to become connected.  I love this as early on it seemed that I was reaching out much more to others I found on...

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