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Mortgage Banking is ever-changing and I enjoy keeping my referral partners and past clients appraised of all aspects of how to use financing to build wealth. As a CMA (Certified Mortgage Advisor) you can look to me to answer all your questions on how to best finance your real estate holdings. I will show you have to maximize your wealth through acquiring real estate. Michael
  Great Blog from Jeff     FHA first proposed the monthly mortgage insurance changes in the beginning of 2010. Bill H.R. 5981 was first passed by the House in the spring and was just passed by the Senate the other day.  What does this bill do for FHA mortgages? They have projected that it will yi...
Great food for thought from Lenn HarleyFHA LIMITS SELLER CONTRIBUTION TO BUYER'S CLOSING COSTS TO 3% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE.  (Any day now.) O.K.  We get it.  We don't like it but we get it.  We believe it's wrong headed for FHA to limit seller contribution to the buyer's closing costs.  These con...
I was struck by this video this weekend.  Living off the grid seems very possible after watching this.  Given the ability to put multiple homes on a lot and the mobility of many that are built on trailers, we may be looking at the next big trend. Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.    
Love this blogHave you thought about using Wordpress as your main real estate website or blog? Are you concerned about not having the lead capture forms and automated contact management system built in?  Well, I might have a solution for you!I recently moved my real estate virtual assistant websi...
The stock chart for the bond fund TLT continues to show remarkable strength and is holding its trend line like a champ.  As the stock market partied hard today you thought the bonds and mortgage backed bonds would start to fall but someone or some group is continuing to be up a storm.  Looks like...
Great tips about blogging goals. Recently I read that the majority of real estate agents are missing out on a key strategy that will yield them much higher rankings on Web search engines. Most practitioners are competing with each other over short-tailed keywords, which are just a few words strun...
Florida finally getting not one but 2 rain camps in August!Sunshine, Sunshine!   RainCamp is making the trek to Florida, the Sunshine State!  We love you so much Florida that we are not doing one RainCamp but two!  Yes, you heard me right, two! Orlando you're up first.  We'll be there August 24th...
I was looking at my charts this weekend and I felt that the lumber charts and the futures market for Lumber were indicating some significant weakness.  What I also is in a look back to 2005 is we seem to be forming a nice base to bottom from.  
I found a great US Map that shows the property tax rates per state.  With revenues dropping fast and costs going higher and higher you have to feel sorry for those homeowners in the highest % tax rates states.
Chinese Drywall information that is very helpful to those who are effected by this problem.   MikeAt 11:15 today my phone rings. It was a news reporter for Fox5 News here in Washington. She is doing a report on Chinese Drywall and ran across my blogs. She liked them enough to call me. "Can we mee...

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