Finally got a mod from Wells - took 8 months to accomplish.... homeowner was denied help through NACA etc..... original payment $1,120.00 - mod to $576.67 for first 5 years then $706.89 after the 8th year. Congrats Ms. McLean in Lauderdale, Fl.
Received a TN Modification approval with B of A - this is an in house modification. Original payment was 4294.95 with escrows- new payment is 2161.26 with escrows. Homeowner was past due over a year or 65k behind. Congradulations Mrs Burns in Tn. : ) Yesterdays Foreclosure Where persistence = res...
We completed a CA Mod. Payment went from 2,335.01 to 730.45 at 3% with taxes and insurance included. Borrower was over 20k delinquent on their taxes and 15k delinquent on their loan. This is a step ladder mod so the peak rate will be 6% with final payment being $1226.08 - this was a doozy but bec...
After a year of persistence to keep this family in their home, we finally received news from Chase that they had made this families loan permenant through the MHA program. This family suffered what I consider a great hardship. The mother has been battling cancer for a few years and became disable...
Help homeowner's obtain Mortgage Relief. Our 3rd Party Advocate's Guide to Modifying Loans blows away every other "how to" manual available. Tailored for use by Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys and other Real Estate professionals, you will learn how to process a successful loan modification request fr...
  MHA stats..... There are currently 487,081 active trial modifications for the Making Homes Affordable Program. Chase (including WAMU, EMC) leading with 117,196 of them. In all stats show that 3,100,305 loans are eligible for the plan -  where do you think mortgages are going with this plan bein...
3rd Party Advocates Guide to Modifying loans on Facebook Our 3rd Party Advocate's Guide to Modifying Loans blows away every other "Do It Yourself" manual available on the web. Learn how to process a successful loan modification request from the very people who have years of hands on experience wi...
Why should real estate professionals work with short sales?     First and foremost, agents should put working with short sales in their repertoire because it allows them to really help people out of an emotionally stressed situation.  They are providing a much needed service, while at the same ti...
At the end of the month, Fannie Mae will adopt higher minimum down payments and credit scores for borrowers with a past foreclosure. The government-sponsored enterprise already has boosted the time period for these borrowers to re-establish their credit to five years from four years. While except...
 Here's an article from the Associated Press I thought some may be interested in reading if they haven't already.  WOW  The Associated Press May. 6, 2008 08:10 AM WASHINGTON - Fannie Mae reported losses of $2.2 billion in the first quarter and the nation's largest buyer of home loans said Tuesday...

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